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Mother’s Day Contest: Things I Learned from Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve given my mom plenty of books and flowers over the years for Mother’s Day, and this time I took a different tack. I created a special Haiku Deck to tell her all the important things she’s taught me over the years (click to view):

Things I Learned From Mom – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

One of the best things I’ve learned from mom is that anything is possible (yes, we really did find that hearing aid on the beach the next day), so here’s what I propose: How about a Haiku Deck Mother’s Day tradition? It would be so amazing to see an outpouring of Haiku Decks capturing the most memorable lessons our moms have passed down. Let’s fill the world with beautiful Mother’s Day Haiku Decks that are as unique and inspiring as our moms.

As an added bonus, I’ll personally pick the most creative, inspiring deck and send an iPad mini to the winner’s mom. I’ll even spend 30 minutes on the phone to personally teach her how to use Haiku Deck. (On that note, you can read how my own mom Ellen inspires us to keep things simple, and get her famous brisket recipe in Haiku Deck form, on our blog.)

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iPads in the Classroom: Sensory Poems and Character Studies

We love seeing how innovative educators are using Haiku Deck to bring creativity to iPads in the classroom. When we saw tweets from Annie Lafont (of Acacia Elementary in Fullerton, CA) about her students’ storytelling projects, we got in touch to hear more.

iPads in the Classroom: 4th Graders using Haiku Deck at Acacia Elementary

4th graders using Haiku Deck at Acacia Elementary

Q&A with Fourth Grade Teacher Annie Lafont

Haiku Deck: What inspired you to try Haiku Deck?

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Haiku Deck Raises $3 Million in Series A Funding

Trilogy, Madrona Venture Group, Founders Co-op, and Angels Back Early Leader in Mobile Productivity

Series A Funding Announced

SEATTLE, WA–(April 3, 2013) – Haiku Deck, a Seattle-based company that aims to transform presentation creation and sharing, announced today that it has secured $3 million in Series A funding. The investment was led by Trilogy Partnership with participation from Madrona Venture Group, Founders Co-op, tech entrepreneur Sarah Leary, and other angel investors.

Haiku Deck launched its iPad app to broad acclaim in August 2012 and has ranked #1 in productivity in 36 markets around the world. Last month Haiku Deck released version 2.0, with a powerful new set of business-focused features and functionality.

“We’ve gone from zero to half a million customers in just a few months, so it’s clear that Haiku Deck’s simple, fun approach to creating beautiful presentations is resonating,” said co-founder and CEO, Adam Tratt. “As mobile devices continue to change the way people work, we see a huge opportunity in helping everyone create the kind of presentation that used to require a design professional.”

Haiku Deck Series A Funding: Sample chart showing Top 5 Industries Using iPads

Sample Haiku Deck chart illustrating iPad penetration by industry (source: Citrix)

Haiku Deck, hailed as the Instagram for Pitch Decks by Mashable, is gaining traction as a powerful, time-saving tool for traditional presentations and new formats including tablet-centric pitch decks, creative communication pieces, and rich content for blogs. Its innovative Creative Commons image search addresses a common pain point of finding and properly attributing free, high-quality images.

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