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Haiku Deck Troubleshooting: The Ultimate Resource Guide

Every now and then, we all need a little help. That’s why we’ve created this list of resources to address all your Haiku Deck troubleshooting needs. Whether you’re looking to merge multiple accounts, need help importing your images, or can’t find the deck you’ve just exported — we’ve made it easy for you to locate the right help article when you need it so you can continue to create your next killer Haiku Deck.

Your Haiku Deck Account and Gallery

Setting Up and Managing Accounts

Merging Accounts

My Gallery

Haiku Deck iPad App



Publishing and Sharing




Haiku Deck Web App



Publishing and Sharing


Embedding in Blogs and Websites

Working Across Platforms


Didn’t find an answer to your question here? Drop us a line on our support page for personalized assistance; we’re always here to help!


Announcing Haiku Deck for iPad with iOS 7 Support

Haiku Deck + iOS 7

The breakthrough iOS 7 rolls out today for iPhone and iPad, and we have worked hard to be among the first iPad Apps to incorporate the new look and feel. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Haiku Deck for iPad v. 2.2!

Redesigned for iOS 7

We’ve redesigned the app from the ground up to take full advantage of the breakthrough style and technology of iOS 7. The newest version of iOS, with its focus on simplicity, clarity, and efficiency, now informs the look and feel of Haiku Deck, from the new app icon to the parallax effect on the app’s main screen, which offers a whole new experience of depth when you tilt your iPad.

Haiku Deck for iOS 7: New app icon to match look and feel of iOS 7

The new Haiku Deck app icon incorporates the look and feel of iOS 7

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Creative Presentation Ideas: A Guide to the Haiku Deck Gallery

If you’re looking for creative presentation ideas, the Haiku Deck Gallery is packed with inspiring examples from a wide range of topics. And the beautiful new design in both the website and the iPad app serves up more great content in a richer, more fluid browsing experience.

On the Website

Our Featured Gallery is updated each week with outstanding Haiku Decks, and the Popular Gallery showcases the most viewed and shared Haiku Decks. You’ll find inspiring decks created for business, education, how to, inspiration, and more. You can view the deck’s author, number of slides, and number of views at a glance, and see a deck’s complete title by hovering over the title. To view a deck, hover over it and click the PLAY button, or click the deck’s title. You can also help great ideas spread by sharing decks to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or email from the main Gallery screen.

Creative Presentation Ideas: Haiku Deck Gallery (web)

Sample Haiku Deck Gallery view

On the iPad

The in-app Gallery has been completely redesigned for iOS 7, and it’s now much easier to browse and share creative presentation ideas right on your iPad. From the Haiku Deck Main Screen, tap GALLERY, and then tap a deck to view and share it.

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Multiple Image Import

We’ve already covered all the ways Haiku Deck saves you time, and the new multiple image import in Haiku Deck for iPad v 2.2 will speed up your slide creation even more. Now you can select multiple images from your iPad’s photo stream or camera roll, and turn them into beautiful Haiku Deck slides in a snap.

How To Use Multiple Image Import (iPad Only)

Tap the blue Image icon, then IMPORT. Tap My Photos, then Photo Library, or a particular Camera Roll or Photo Stream.

Multiple Image Import in Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck for iPad: Selecting and importing multiple images

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