If you’re looking for creative presentation ideas, the Haiku Deck Gallery is packed with inspiring examples from a wide range of topics. And the beautiful new design in both the website and the iPad app serves up more great content in a richer, more fluid browsing experience.

On the Website

Our Featured Gallery is updated each week with outstanding Haiku Decks, and the Popular Gallery showcases the most viewed and shared Haiku Decks. You’ll find inspiring decks created for business, education, how to, inspiration, and more. You can view the deck’s author, number of slides, and number of views at a glance, and see a deck’s complete title by hovering over the title. To view a deck, hover over it and click the PLAY button, or click the deck’s title. You can also help great ideas spread by sharing decks to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or email from the main Gallery screen.

Creative Presentation Ideas: Haiku Deck Gallery (web)

Sample Haiku Deck Gallery view

On the iPad

The in-app Gallery has been completely redesigned for iOS 7, and it’s now much easier to browse and share creative presentation ideas right on your iPad. From the Haiku Deck Main Screen, tap GALLERY, and then tap a deck to view and share it.

Creative Presentation Ideas: Haiku Deck Gallery (iPad App)

Haiku Deck for iPad: Sample Gallery page

Creative Presentation Ideas: Sample Haiku Deck in Gallery View

Haiku Deck for iPad: Viewing a deck in the Gallery

How We Curate the Gallery

We review hundreds of Haiku Decks a week and select only the best for the Gallery. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Creative Presentation Ideas: How to Get Featured in the Haiku Deck Gallery

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes

To recap:

  • Variety: Expansive range of topics, use cases, categories, and themes
  • Content value: Inform, illuminate, or inspire
  • Style: Overall creativity and effectiveness in communicating the message
  • Substance: At least five slides; no blank slides
  • Powerful Visual Storytelling: Well-chosen images that evoke emotion, inspire, and go beyond the literal and the cliche
  • Brevity: Concise, crisp language (Tip: In Haiku Deck the text size adjusts automatically as you type, so if your text is very small, try editing it down.)
  • Detail: Effective use of deck descriptions and Public Notes to add color and context
  • Polish: Correct grammar and spelling (Tip: You can easily fix typos and republish without breaking any links

How To Submit Your Work

Be sure your deck’s privacy is set to Public, and send a link (not a .pptx export, please) to gallery@haikudeck.com or tweet it using the hashtag #hdgallery. We look forward to seeing *your* creative presentation ideas!

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