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Incorporating Videos into Your Haiku Decks

One of the most frequent questions we receive is how to add videos to your Haiku Decks.

Subscribers to Haiku Deck Pro can now search for and add YouTube videos directly into presentations using our web, iPad, and iPhone apps.

Add video (editor)

If you’re not a paid Haiku Deck subscriber, here are a few work-arounds.

Adding Videos: Export Method

This method is best when you’re giving a live presentation and you want a true embedded video that you can play right from your deck. The downside is that you’ll end up with a big file that won’t be as easy to post and share with your social networks.

1. Create your slides and leave a placeholder slide for your video. You can import a still from your video as described below in the Notes Method, or you might try a solid-color background or an interesting abstract pattern, like this one:

Videos in Haiku Deck: Sample Placeholder Slide

Sample Video Placeholder Slide

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iPads in the Classroom: Haiku Deck Goes New School

From science labs to homework assignments, innovative teachers, administrators, and students are embracing Haiku Deck for iPads in the classroom. No old school stuff here! Here are a few of our favorite examples.

Illustrating Lessons

Educator and Haiku Deck Guru Danielle Filas used Haiku Deck to enliven her lecture on transitions in essay writing.

Transitions – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

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Haiku Deck Fans: A Valentine for You

Haiku Deck fans, we’ll keep this one short and sweet. We think you’re amazing. SO amazing that we’ve dropped the prices of our premium themes so you can treat yourself to a little something something. More details in our special Valentine for you:

A Valentine for Our Fans – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Haiku Deck Premium Theme Special

Remember, you can purchase premium themes (at our special Valentine’s Day prices) right from the app. Simply start a new deck or open an existing deck, pull down the THEME handle at the top, and tap any theme with the green $ in the corner. Then tap BUY or BUY THEME PACK.

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iPads in the Classroom: Guest Q&A with Jeremy Macdonald

Educators and innovators, we invite you to be inspired by Haiku Deck Guru Jeremy Macdonald, a.k.a. “MrMacnology,” an expert on using iPads in the classroom. Jeremy was one of the first Gurus to come on board, and we have loved collaborating with him–especially on Twitter, where he often jumps in to answer customer questions before we can–Hai-5, Jeremy!

About Jeremy

Bio: ESOL & RTI specialist, instructional technology coach at Mills Elementary, team member of the ORVSD, father of 4
Location: Klamath Falls, OR
Guru inspiration: #HaikuEDU hashtag (Let’s make it happen!)
Go-to theme: Tabletop

About Me – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Guest Q&A

Haiku Deck: What inspired you to start using Haiku Deck?

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Haiku Deck Help: Collaborating on a Haiku Deck

Someday we plan to add the ability for multiple contributors to collaborate on a single Haiku Deck. But in the meantime, in this special edition of Haiku Deck help, here’s how we recently partnered with Haiku Deck Guru Greg Bamford on a deck he presented at EduCon in Philadelphia.

Outlining in Google Docs

First, Greg created a slide-by-slide outline for his talk in email. Catherine (our VP of Marketing) pulled the outline into a shared Google Doc and fleshed it out with ideas for image direction and suggested keywords for image searching.

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Presentation Inspiration: 3 Power Tips for Selecting Images

You know that Haiku Deck puts millions of beautiful, free Creative Commons licensed images at your fingertips to grab your audience’s attention and bring your words to life. Our built-in keyword search makes the searching part easy, but selecting the perfect one can take a little creativity (and sometimes patience, grasshopper). If you need a little presentation inspiration, these power tips will help you pick images like a pro.

Keyword Search Tips

  1. Don’t limit yourself to literal: There’s no need to get stuck on a specific search word or phrase—try zooming out and exploring different angles in to your topic. For example, if you’re making a “Summer Road Trip” Haiku Deck, try evocative phrases like “highway” or “scenic route” if  “summer vacation” or “road trip” isn’t doing the trick. Continue reading

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