As the season of giving reaches full swing, we couldn’t be happier to announce Haiku Deck v3.9 for iPad today. As part of this release, we’ve also made significant improvements in the speed and performance of Haiku Deck for web, so no matter which how you use Haiku Deck, we’ve got great news today! 

We made Haiku Deck 3.9 in direct response to customer feedback on a few very important things. Here’s what’s new:


  • New Faster Sync and Save: One of our top customer requests has been to improve the speed of saving and synchronizing decks with the cloud. Version 3.9 for iPad and our latest version of the web app are way faster than before. You’re going to like what you see!
  • New Support for iPad Pro’s larger screen size: You paid extra for all of those pixels, now Haiku Deck 3.9 works great no matter which size iPad you use.
  • New Support for iOS9 multi-tasking: New on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4, Haiku Deck supports iOS9 multi-tasking. This is a great new feature that will help you get your job done faster than ever. Want to work on your Haiku Deck while researching something in Safari or reviewing notes made in another app? Want to copy/paste notes from a blog post or other document? Swipe from the right to get started with either Slide Over or Split View. More from Apple on how to use multi-tasking or watch this video.


Haiku Deck multitasking

Haiku Deck 3.9 supports multitasking on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4