We love hearing about all the different ways members of our community use Haiku Deck each day. Aside from the great feeling we get from happy users, we get invaluable feedback about ways we can improve the experience. Last week, we received this message from a new user, “I was able to create 2 fab last minute presentations and secured a new job… You are amazing!”

Our collective day being made, we had to learn more, which led to this interview with Tammy Leipacher, of Birmingham, England. Tammy works in training and education after a stint working for an organization that helped people start and grow their own businesses.

Here’s more about the story of how Tammy used Haiku Deck to land her new job.

Tammy Leipacher, Haiku Deck user

Tammy Leipacher, Haiku Deck user

Congrats on your new job! What is it that you do?

I work for a technical training academy, my work is focussed on engaging with employers and helping young people gain apprenticeships.

How did you use Haiku Deck when applying for your job?

I used it to create two presentations, I don’t believe in death by slides and wanted something to complement what I had to say and not be the focus. I used it to search for images that had a relevance and tied in with the message I wanted to get across. They added interest and colour to my presentation in a way that standard slides don’t. I used your templates (which are so easy to use) to highlight the key points that I wanted to make.

In what ways did Haiku Deck make a difference for you?

It was the simplicity of putting the slides together and being able to find relevant but fun and quirky images to get my message across.   I was also able to take a photo of some of my own artwork, admittedly a stick drawing of myself and use that. I have used other presentation software before and there is always a worry that something will go wrong and that was the last thing I wanted in an interview. With Haiku Deck I simply produced it on my ipad and it was there ready. I had really good feedback about both presentations and I know that my confidence in my presentation made a huge difference


How do you use presentations in your new role?

I have to present to senior teams and at events throughout the region. Haiku Deck will certainly be a part of future presentations

What do you do to keep your presentations engaging/interesting/memorable?

For me it’s about putting your own personality into your presentations and making sure what you have to say is relevant. If appropriate, a little humour can also go a long way. If they can remember you, chances are they will remember what you had to say.

What advice do you have for people for who are starting to hunt for jobs of their own?

Be confident in your abilities and know what your skills are. My biggest piece of advice though is to look for something you’re going to enjoy doing. It’s so much easier to sell yourself at interview if it’s something you are passionate about. Oh and for presentations use Haiku Deck.

Good or bad, we always appreciate the opportunity to meet our users and find out about their lives. Drop us an email and tell us your story!