In the last post, we explored how webinars can be the key to expanding your coaching practice online. Haiku Deck makes it easy to turn an idea, product or previously conducted talk into a webinar. It can seem like a large endeavor, but preparing a webinar is almost identical to preparing almost any other type of presentation. In some cases, it can even be easier! Let’s take a look at how to turn an idea, service or previous talk into a new deck and how to share it!


  1. Draft out how you would explain the idea to a client in person.
  2. Think about how you would pitch the new process or strategy to them and try to anticipate some of their questions.
  3. Break down the idea into a few key points and answers to questions.
  4. Put one point in each slide and find evocative imagery for the backgrounds using our image search tool. You should back up each point with a  supporting detail or two.
  5. Once you have this body of you presentation done, add a few slides of introduction to who you are and what you are going to talk about.  
  6. Finally, sign off with a thank you, some contact info, and, if you want, a question/answer section.

Check out our webinar template for more advice on structure and formatting . Copy it into your account and use it to contrust your first webinar!

Webinar Template – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;


Pitching a service or class on the web is very similar to pitching it in person or pitching an idea to a client. Start with your focus, breaking down the product or class into key points. This is the main body of your webinar. Just as for an idea webinar, build out short introduction and closing sections. However, for a successful sales webinar, find a small lesson or valuable part of the product and give it away for free. Whether that’s a slide where you talk about a specific lesson they will learn in your class, or a free download of a planning worksheet or short e-book, giving your audience a sample will draw them in much faster.

Check out this template deck by Lauren Edwards to learn a bit more about creating a sales webinar.

21 point outline – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Previously Conducted Talk:

If you already have a deck set up from a previous talk, you can just use that! A webinar is really just a seminar on the web, there isn’t that much you should do differently. If you have a PowerPoint, you can plug it into Zuru which will help you quickly transform it into a polished, professional presentation. You can also use any previously created Haiku Deck and just follow the recording/sharing instructions down below.

Using the Webinar

Once you have a deck set up, it is time to record your voiceover. Using the audio recording tool (microphone icon in the left sidebar), record the voiceover for each slide. This audio will be linked to your slides so that no matter how you share, your clients will have access to what you are saying.

Finally, export or share the deck. If you want to lead the webinar with a webinar software that allows for live Q/A and paid sign in, export your deck to your computer and upload it to the software of your choice. You can also easily export your presentation as a video with your audio narration and slides for sharing on YouTube or your personal site, or you can share the deck on Haiku Deck. Sharing on Haiku Deck lets your presentation be interactive—clients can click between slides and your audio narration will follow them in whatever order they choose.



No matter what process you use to create your webinar, or how you choose to share it, we hope that Haiku Deck makes it straightforward and simple. If you have any questions about webinars with Haiku Deck or any pointers of your own, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message at To get more info on Haiku Deck and coaching, check out