Using Haiku Deck with your Classroom

If you’re using Haiku Deck with your students in class, Haiku Deck Classroom makes all the features of Haiku Deck Pro available to you and your students, including unlimited presentation creation, advanced privacy settings, offline viewing and printing, and YouTube video embedding. It also include some new features just for teachers:

  • Classroom Management Dashboard for adding/removing courses and student accounts
  • Course Galleries for conveniently reviewing student-submitted presentations
  • Optional integration with Google Classroom and Google sign-in

Haiku Deck Classroom  subscriptions work across Haiku Deck’s award-winning web, iPad, and iPhone apps. Here’s a 1 minute video introduction of Haiku Deck Classroom:

Additional features include:

    • Classroom Management Dashboard: Educators can easily add and remove students from their classroom by email address.
    • Course Gallery: Students can share Haiku Decks to a course gallery, making it easy for teachers to review and evaluate work.
    • Mobile and Web-Based: Educators and students can create or view Haiku Decks on the web, iPad, or iPhone.
    • Optional Google Classroom integration: Educators who use Google Classroom may import users from and share decks directly to Google Classroom.
    • Optional Google Sign-In: Haiku Deck now supports Google sign-in, for students without an email address.
    • Share to LMS: Students can easily share their Haiku Decks to Classroom Management Systems like Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Edmodo, and more.  

To learn more about Haiku Deck Classroom and to purchase or upgrade, visit or for technical information about the product, please visit the Haiku Deck Classroom section of the Haiku Deck user guide.

Do you have suggestions for how we can make Classroom better for you? We’d love to hear your feedback! Please drop us a line.

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