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Presentation Inspiration: The Best Haiku Decks of 2012

As we wrap up 2012, we wanted to acknowledge the amazing enthusiasm, support, and creativity of our community. (Wow! Thank you!) The best part of our day is browsing all the newly published Haiku Decks, and we love every one in its own way. Here are a few standouts that particularly knocked our socks off. We could have picked dozens, or even hundreds, for your own presentation inspiration, but we’re keeping it to 12–one for each month in the year, one for each Top Pot doughnut in a dozen (a key component of our own creative fuel), one for each syllable in a haiku. We hope these Haiku Decks of the Year, hand-picked by our team, will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us.

1. Hot Stuff! Most Viewed Haiku Deck

“Most People”

Presentation inspiration: "Most People" Haiku Deck embedded in Seth Godin's blog

Click to view on Seth Godin’s blog

We’re huge Seth Godin fans, and we were thrilled when he embedded a Haiku Deck to complement his awesome “Most People” post. “Most people don’t care enough to make a difference….Fortunately, you’re not most people, and neither are your best customers.” (Exactly!) Read the short, sweet, gemlike post and check out the most-viewed Haiku Deck of all time here.

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Free Photos for All: How Haiku Deck Puts Creative Commons Images at Your Fingertips

The Internet is a bountiful place, full of information, wonder, and an endless supply of heart-melting puppy videos. But what may sometimes seem in short supply are fantastic, free photos to easily–and legally–use for your presentations or blog slideshows.

While Google image search is convenient, it’s up to you to make sure you’re using any images you find lawfully. Flickr is an incredible resource for Creative Commons-licensed images–as long as you apply the correct filters and include proper attribution, which requires a bit of legwork. We believe that Creative Commons images are an incredible cultural treasure trove, and they are central to the Haiku Deck experience. We want to make it as easy as possible to do the right thing AND bring your stories to life with beautiful, free photos that you are free to use, like these:

The Visual Gems Of Haiku Deck – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Finding Images

Every image search you perform within Haiku Deck taps into the millions of ready-to-use Creative Commons licensed images that have been posted to Flickr by photographers all over the world. We match keywords from your slide text to tags supplied by the photographers to streamline the process, but you can always search for any word or phrase you like, whether it’s “giant blueberry pancakes” or “bearded pirates.” We’ll even give you a list of related keywords to get your creative juices flowing. (Power tip: We have all found that allowing ourselves a little time to play with keyword searching often reveals fresh inspiration that leads to stronger slides and decks.)

Using the built-in image keyword search in the iPad App

Automatic Attribution

Once you select the perfect image, Haiku Deck magically embeds the image credit, so proper attribution is always just a click away. When you play a Haiku Deck directly from your iPad, tap the screen and then the CC logo in the lower right corner to view the photographer and the license details.

Free photos for all: Viewing Creative Commons image license info in Haiku Deck

Tap the Creative Commons logo to view the image and license details

You can even Click the “i” button next to the photographer’s name to view their Flickr photostream in a pop-up window.

Free Photos for all: Viewing Creative Commons image license info in Haiku Deck

Tap the photographer’s name or the “info” icon for more details

If you’re viewing a Haiku Deck on the web, look for the CC logo in the top left corner of each slide.

Free Photos for All: Creative Commons photo credit in Haiku Deck

Click the Creative Commons logo in the top left corner to view license and photo details

Click it to reveal a black bar filled with useful links. Click the photographer’s name to view their photostream, and click the CC icon for more details about the specific license. The image attribution is preserved even if you export your deck to Powerpoint or as a PDF.

The upshot: There’s no need to resort to lackluster clip art, or to act like a bearded pirate, if you want to add visual interest your decks. With the superpowered Haiku Deck image search, finding beautiful free photos has never been easier. And with the knowledge that every photo is licensed through Creative Commons and properly attributed, you can create rock-star slides AND sleep soundly.

P.S. Want to use your own images? You can just as easily upload photos and screenshots in a snap.

Things I Want To Punch in the Face: A Haiku Deck Contest!

No, we don’t want to punch you in the face. In fact, we like you quite a bit. But trust us, this is awesome.

When Jennifer Worick–author, consultant, public speaker, and friend of Haiku Deck–launched her book Things I Want to Punch in the Face, a hilarious and wickedly satisfying collection of all things obnoxious, we knew a collaboration was in order. We collected our favorite rants into a Haiku Deck, which received more views than the book’s trailer (more than 6,400 in 4 months!) and headlined our Popular Gallery for quite a while.

“People flipped out when they saw the TIWTPITF Haiku Deck. With great images and text, the Haiku Deck is a really powerful way to convey a message in a glance. The TIWTPITF Haiku Deck distilled my book down to its cheeky essence!” Jennifer Worick, author of Things I Want to Punch in the Face

Now Jennifer has responded with a list of seasonal holiday-inspired things she’d like to punch, from themed Christmas trees to Scrooge-y misers.

Things I Want To Punch In The Face During The Holidays – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

What’s more, she’s hosting a contest on her blog for a chance to win a free signed copy of the book. To enter, create your own “Things I Want to Punch in the Face” Haiku Deck and email it to with your name and contact info before December 21st. Jennifer will pick the winner and announce it on her blog (which is highly entertaining, by the way). Meanwhile, we’ll be collecting all the entries on Pinterest for you to browse and enjoy.


Click here for more contest details, and get started scheming your revenge on those things that drive you nuts. Good luck!

23 Ways to Share Your Haiku Deck

So you’ve created an amazing Haiku Deck, something you’re proud of. Something you want to show to anyone and everyone, including the innocent bystander standing next to you on the subway platform. Well, we agree. It’s time to set your beautiful story free! And there are so many ways to do it, both straight from the app on your iPad or from the Haiku Deck website. Here’s how!

Sharing from the app

1. Play your deck directly from your iPad, the modern and engaging way to pitch to a small group. And with the parallax effect at work, advancing your slides has never been sexier.

2. Connect your iPad directly to a projector for a “1: many” talk, either through a direct connection with an iPad VGA adaptor.


3. with Apple TV via Airplay. For more on how to do this, check out this post.

4. Email your deck to yourself. Doing this generates a very useful web link. By clicking through this link, you will be magically transported to your gallery on the website, where you can add notes, set your privacy, see how many views you’re generating, or get selected for our Gallery or one of our highly prestigious Pinterest boards…must we go on?

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Blog Inspiration: Guest Q&A with Megan Hunt

We’re delighted to announce our newest Haiku Deck Guru: entrepreneur, blogger, and all-around creative force Megan Hunt, a.k.a. Princess Lasertron. Megan’s high-style Haiku Decks have been wowing us for weeks, and we finally had a chance to hear more about how she’s using the app–and how it provided blog inspiration for Radvent, her latest creative undertaking.

Q&A with Megan Hunt

Haiku Deck: So, what inspired you to start using Haiku Deck?

Megan: I found out about Haiku Deck when I saw a business use it to pitch during a local Startup Weekend competition. I’m always super interested in trying new apps that seem like they’d make my life a little easier (particularly in the context of entrepreneurship). I thought Haiku Deck had a cute name and seemed promising, so I downloaded it and was immediately hooked. For me, the sparseness of the app makes it as fun to play with as it is useful. It honestly reminds me of the hours spent toying with HyperStudio as a kid. Really. It’s just fun.

Stuff You Need To Know About Me – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Haiku Deck: Could you tell us a little bit about how you’ve been using it?

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