23 Ways to Share Your Haiku Deck

So you’ve created an amazing Haiku Deck, something you’re proud of. Something you want to show to anyone and everyone, including the innocent bystander standing next to you on the subway platform. Well, we agree. It’s time to set your beautiful story free! And there are so many ways to do it, both straight from the app on your iPad or from the Haiku Deck website. Here’s how!

Sharing from the app

1. Play your deck directly from your iPad, the modern and engaging way to pitch to a small group. And with the parallax effect at work, advancing your slides has never been sexier.

2. Connect your iPad directly to a projector for a “1: many” talk, either through a direct connection with an iPad VGA adaptor.


3. with Apple TV via Airplay. For more on how to do this, check out this post.

4. Email your deck to yourself. Doing this generates a very useful web link. By clicking through this link, you will be magically transported to your gallery on the website, where you can add notes, set your privacy, see how many views you’re generating, or get selected for our Gallery or one of our highly prestigious Pinterest boards…must we go on?

5. Email it to a friend or friends! They will be amazed at your Haiku Deck prowess and honored to receive your deck, especially if it’s an invitation, like this one.

6. Share your deck directly to your Facebook page and watch those views rack up.

7. Do the same on Twitter. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like Haiku Deck!

8. Grab an embed code for your blog or website. This is a fantastic way to add rich content in a flash. You can see the most-viewed Haiku Deck of all time here, by Desiree Groenendal of Vosgesparis.

9. Export your deck to Powerpoint or Keynote. From there you can add video, transitions, the whole nine yards. You can also upload it to SlideShark to view and share from your iPhone or iPad. Fancy. This article has some helpful detail about why and how you might want to do this. You can also make a video out of your Haiku Deck after exporting it to Powerpoint or Keynote.

10. Want to add a soundtrack to your Haiku Deck? Create a Slidecast and engage your audience with visuals and sound. Here’s a great example of Haiku Deck/Slidecast integration from Dr. Michelle Mazur.

11. Copy a URL to your clipboard. This is handy for classroom iPads without access to email.

But the app can’t do everything. Only when the powers of the iPad and the web combine does Haiku Deck magic truly happen. After making your deck, head to the Haiku Deck website to access, track, and share all of your creations.

Sharing from the Web

Our redesigned player allows you to share your decks quickly and easily with the updated sharing controls on the left side of your deck. In addition, these sharing controls will also display the number of times your deck has been shared via each social network.

23 ways to share; updated sharing controls

Updated sharing controls are located to the left of your deck.

12. Add some notes and share to Facebook to your timeline

share deck; facebook timeline

13. Or share to Facebook on your friend’s timeline

share deck; facebook friend

14. Or share to the Facebook Page you manage:

share deck; facebook page

15. Share to Twitter, the perfect place to share inspirations and ideas, like this cool classroom project:

Haiku Deck shared via Twitter

16. Don’t forget Pinterest! You can pin any individual slide from your deck to showcase on your Pinterest pins. You can see some examples of pins from our Education Case Studies and Real Estate Case Studies Pinterest boards.

17. Good old-fashioned Email works great (send your awesome Haiku Deck to us at to be featured in our Gallery!)

18. A share on LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your expertise to all your professional connections, such as your mastery of social media.

19. Embed your deck straight to your blog

20. …or your website. For inspiration, check out Princess Lasertron’s Radvent project and PowerSlyde’s homepage.

21. Download your deck as a PDF and use it as a handout or a downloadable ebook. Here’s a sample page:

Haiku Deck PDF with Notes, available on

22. You can easily upload your deck to Slideshare, too. This great Haiku Deck by Haiku Deck Guru Stefanos Karagos was featured on the Slideshare homepage (6,000 views and counting!).

23. Simply grab your deck’s link and share anywhere you want!

More Haiku Deck Help

Have (or wish for) another way to share Haiku Deck with the world? Tell us about it in the comments!

And if you have a question about any of the sharing methods listed above, we’re always here to help; just visit our support community.


  1. Is it possible to share so another user can watch it in the Haik Deck-app on another iPad? The web-share is great, but I loose the nice transition between the pictures/messages then…

  2. kevin sullivan

    March 18, 2013 at 7:34 am

    How do I upload my new deck to my photos?

  3. Can I wirelessly present my deck from a mac-book to ipads so that as I transition from one slide to another on my laptop it also transitions on each of the multiple ipads..

    • Hi there, sorry we didn’t see your comment until now. There isn’t a way to do this just yet, but it’s a great suggestion and it’s something we’re working on. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Greetings. I had linked my Haiku Deck to my course website. It seems to open with the link but I get a black box where the Haiku Deck is supposed to be visible. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Harry, I’m sorry for the trouble! Usually, when we see this issue, it’s because the internet connection in use is blocking certain types of activity by a firewall. Most commonly, we see this from people using Haiku Deck in school districts, computer labs, and other public places. The best thing to try to fix this is to attempt to load your decks on another network, such as from home, where firewall settings may not be so strict. If you find that your network is indeed having trouble with the images in our app and your decks saved to the web, most users have had success approaching the IT department in charge of the network and requesting to whitelist flickr. is the domain our image search works through and pulls images from, so if it’s whitelisted (or added to a safe list for the network firewall), it should fix this issue.

  5. How do you add transitions to your slides?

    • Hi Ariel, we don’t have any slide transitions available but we really appreciate your feedback! We’ll make a note of it and take it into consideration for future updates.

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