Haiku Deck fans, we’ll keep this one short and sweet. We think you’re amazing. SO amazing that we’ve dropped the prices of our premium themes so you can treat yourself to a little something something. More details in our special Valentine for you:

A Valentine for Our Fans – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Haiku Deck Premium Theme Special

Remember, you can purchase premium themes (at our special Valentine’s Day prices) right from the app. Simply start a new deck or open an existing deck, pull down the THEME handle at the top, and tap any theme with the green $ in the corner. Then tap BUY or BUY THEME PACK.

Purchasing premium theme packs from the Haiku Deck ipad app

Privacy Please

If our Haiku Deck inspired you to create a heartfelt message for your Valentine, you can rest easy that your deck can stay private, even if you publish it to the web. That’s right–you can be as saucy, sassy, or sappy as you want, and the privacy settings are always completely in your control. Here’s how.

Haiku Deck for Two (or More)

If you feel in the mood to collaborate on a Haiku Deck with your partner, business or otherwise, here’s how we do it.


Team Haiku Deck