Someday we plan to add the ability for multiple contributors to collaborate on a single Haiku Deck. But in the meantime, in this special edition of Haiku Deck help, here’s how we recently partnered with Haiku Deck Guru Greg Bamford on a deck he presented at EduCon in Philadelphia.

Outlining in Google Docs

First, Greg created a slide-by-slide outline for his talk in email. Catherine (our VP of Marketing) pulled the outline into a shared Google Doc and fleshed it out with ideas for image direction and suggested keywords for image searching.

Haiku Deck Help: Collaborating on a Haiku Deck using Google Docs

Creating the Deck

After a little back-and-forth with Greg, I built the deck from the Google Doc outline. We emailed Greg a link to review it on the plane and made a couple of tweaks based on his feedback. He then presented the finished product at his conference from the live link we sent him!

Haiku Deck Help: Collaborating on a Haiku Deck Guru (tweet from Greg Bamford)

We think this “outline first” technique could be helpful even if you’re not collaborating long distance! Organizing your thoughts and getting the big picture always helps the creation go more quickly.

Have any other ideas on how to tag-team Haiku Deck style? Let us know in the comments–we’d love to hear them!

More Haiku Deck Help

If you have a question, we’re here for you! You can find getting-started Haiku Deck help in our Haiku Deck Tutorial, or drop us a line any time at