Announcing Haiku Deck for iPad with iOS 7 Support

Haiku Deck + iOS 7

The breakthrough iOS 7 rolls out today for iPhone and iPad, and we have worked hard to be among the first iPad Apps to incorporate the new look and feel. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Haiku Deck for iPad v. 2.2!

Redesigned for iOS 7

We’ve redesigned the app from the ground up to take full advantage of the breakthrough style and technology of iOS 7. The newest version of iOS, with its focus on simplicity, clarity, and efficiency, now informs the look and feel of Haiku Deck, from the new app icon to the parallax effect on the app’s main screen, which offers a whole new experience of depth when you tilt your iPad.

Haiku Deck for iOS 7: New app icon to match look and feel of iOS 7

The new Haiku Deck app icon incorporates the look and feel of iOS 7

New Gallery

With a vibrant creative community and hundreds of thousands of decks published, Haiku Deck is increasingly useful for knowledge and inspiration as well as for content creation. The new Haiku Deck Gallery builds on the core design elements of iOS 7, making more content visible in a richer, more dynamic browsing experience. Explore the Featured and Popular Galleries, and view and share inspiring decks from a wide range of topics, in a more fluid, immersive way that echoes the elevated sense of context and coherence throughout iOS 7. Take a tour of the new Haiku Deck Gallery.

Haiku Deck with iOS 7 Support: Redesigned Gallery

Haiku Deck Gallery, redesigned for iOS 7

Powerful New Image Importing Options

Sort, select, and import multiple images in one simple step from your iPad’s Camera Roll or Albums. This radically streamlined import functionality makes it significantly faster to locate and use exactly the photos you want to create a Haiku Deck portfolio, illustrate a step-by-step process, or publish a stunning photo slideshow on your blog or website. Learn more about the new image import.

Haiku Deck with iOS 7 Support: Multiple Image Import

New multiple image import from iPad Camera Roll and Albums

Full iOS 7 Support

Powerful new iOS 7 features such as streamlined multitasking and iCloud photo sharing will make creating Haiku Decks faster than ever before. Take a spin through our team’s top 7 tips for making the switch to iOS 7 here:

More Exciting Things to Come

With support for iOS 7 in place in time for the rollout, we have laid the foundation for exciting new features and design innovations to make upcoming versions of Haiku Deck for iPad even more innovative, useful, and delightful.

What’s on your Haiku Deck wish list? Drop us a line on our feature request page, or let us know in the comments!






  1. Why cant we download it in iTunes???

    • Hi Vaughan, I’m sorry to hear you’re running into trouble downloading Haiku Deck in iTunes! You should be able to download it at this link:

      Or, you can search for it in the App Store in iTunes. If you download it on the computer, then you can sync your iPad with the computer to install it (or you can follow that link above right from the iPad if you’d like).

      If that information isn’t helpful, would you mind providing some details about what happens when you try to download it? And what sort of device you’re downloading it on?

  2. I have also had issues downloading the app. I was unsuccessful using itunes on a laptop. (Server error) I tried to download the app on ipad (ios7 updated) and was unsuccessful. (After a few seconds “install” button goes back to “free” and app not installed.

    • Tried again a few hours later and was successful using ipad. I look forward to using the app.

      • Hi Quali, I’m so sorry we missed your comment but we’re glad that you were able to successfully download the app! If you have any other questions or run into any issues, feel free to contact us anytime.

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