The Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014

Our Picks for Decks of the Year

It’s one of my favorite times — when we look back at the most inspiring presentations created in 2014 and select our favorites to be honored as Decks of the Year.

Previous honorees and new ones, stylish decks and informative ones, beautiful Creative Commons images and custom collages — there’s a bit of everything in this year’s list, and we hope you’ll find something that inspires you.

1. Most Stylish

Scandinavian Interior Design Trends, by Emma Fexeus

Scandinavian Interior Design Trends 2013 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Theme: Five Seven Five

Why We Love It:

  • Inspiring, visual subject matter
  • Gorgeous use of custom photo collages. {Learn how in Import Images to Haiku Deck like a Pro.}
  • Polished, consistent formatting featuring high-impact white text over stunning visuals, punctuated with solid black backgrounds

We can’t wait to see what ultra-talented design blogger Emma will create with Haiku Deck next!

2. Most Personality

How To Get a Startup  Job, by Kim Pham

How to get a startup job – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Theme: Cinematic

Why We Love It:

  • Kim’s use of candid personal photos, punctuated by high-impact solid backgrounds, makes her deck feel authentic yet polished.
  • Her well-crafted slides and Notes are packed with succinct, useful advice.
  • Those solid red backgrounds with the crisp white text just knock our socks off. Hai-5, Kim!

Honorable Mention
Random Rants about Sales – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

3. Most Artistic

How to Work with Your Dad, by Alexander Charner

How To Work With Your Dad – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Theme: Iditarod (One of our absolute favorites, and newly available on the web!)

Why We Love It:

  • Alexander’s striking illustrations, created on the iPad with Paper by FiftyThree, give his Haiku Deck a truly one-of-a-kind look.
  • He incorporates a variety of paragraph slide layouts effectively to give his deck rhythm and flow.
  • Created for Father’s Day, this lovely work of art perfectly balances personal sentiment with broad appeal. We’ll look forward to your next inspiration, Alexander!

4. Most Helpful

10 Productivity Hacks for Spring, by Blakely Aguilar

10 Productivity Hacks For Spring – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Theme: Zissou

Why We Love It:

  • This is an ideal use of Haiku Deck — short, sweet, to the point. {Create your own deck like this in just a few minutes with our handy Idea Sharing template.}
  • Great tips! We definitely try to observe “fluff-free meetings” here at the office, and I’m an especially big fan of the “say no” tactic.
  • This is just one in a series of stand-out Haiku Decks created by the resourceful team at PGI and shared on SlideShare. {Uploading to SlideShare is a terrific way to amplify your reach: This one got nearly 20K combined views!} Blakely discovered that with Haiku Deck, they were able to produce useful, shareable content at a fraction of the cost of custom PowerPoints. Keep those great Haiku Decks coming, team PGI!

Honorable Mentions:
7 Tips to Prep for Long Day Rides! – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
by Irene Yam and
How to find inspiration – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
by Melissa Johnson

5. Best Use of Custom Imagery

How to Make Micro-Content, by Danielle Oteri

How to Make Micro-content – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Theme: Volterra

Why We Love It:

  • Danielle’s Haiku Deck is crisp, cohesive, and filled with tasty content marketing advice.
  • She incorporates artful photo collages as well as perfectly chosen snapshots to illustrate her points effectively. {See also: Import Images Like a Pro.}
  • Cream puffs! Enough said.

6. Best Use of Imagery

Sharing Infrastructure, by John Sheridan

Sharing Infrastructure – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Theme: Strangelove (Newly available on the web!)

Why We Love It:

  • Australia’s CTO always wows us with his creative uses of Haiku Deck to share insights about technology infrastructure.
  • Each well-chosen image in this to-the-point deck is evocative and packed with storytelling power.
  • John also uses the Notes effectively to elaborate his points while keeping the wording on his slides crisp. Hai-5, John!

Honorable Mention:
Persuasive Speaking – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
by Jonathan Tran

 7. Most Thought-Provoking

Leanership: A New Way Of Work – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
by Stowe Boyd

Leanership: A New Way Of Work – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Theme: Zissou

Why We Love It:

  • Stowe’s Haiku Deck stands out for its depth and substance. He packs so much clarifying detail into the Notes that this Haiku Deck could easily stand alone as an ebook.
  • It’s a terrific example of sharing a groundbreaking idea in manifesto form.
  • His use of THIS (NOT THAT) headlines creates a compelling sense of rhythm, bringing his concept into focus in the process. We’d love to see more of your thoughts on the future of work in Haiku Deck form, Stowe!

8. Most Progressive

Quotes from Women Developers and Engineers, by Arabella Santiago

Quotes from Women Developers and Engineers – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;
Theme: Volterra

Why We Love It:

  • Quotes from today’s tech leaders and the great Grace Hopper. What’s not to love?
  • Excellent use of Notes to add context and background.
  • Concise and focused — A perfect use of Haiku Deck. We’d love to see a series of these!

9. Best Education Presentation

Digital Citizenship Lessons, by Susan Spellman Cann

Digital Citizenship Lessons – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Theme: Volterra

Why We Love It:

  • Digital citizenship is something we should all be thinking about — Susan’s beautifully crafted deck is thought-provoking and powerful for Internet users of all ages.
  • Her use of solid-color backgrounds in a rainbow of colors, interspersed with high-impact, evocative visuals, create a powerful rhythm.
  • All of Susan’s Haiku Decks are brimming with positive energy and inspire us to be better people. Keep on improving the world with your beautiful inspirations, Susan!

Honorable Mention:
Digital Storytelling – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
by Judy Arzt

10. Most Informative

Badass Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Reach, by Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay, Inc.

Badass Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Reach – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;


Theme: Orwell (Newly available on the web!)

Why We Love It:

  1. This beautifully crafted 36-slide deck packs in a book’s worth of specific, detailed tips for bloggers.
  2. The delivery is engaging and packed with personality, with punchy text and well-chosen images.
  3. Virginia’s detailed Notes add helpful background and make you feel like she’s in the room. We can’t wait to see more Haiku Decks from you, Virginia!

Honorable MentionsHow To Ensure Your Website is Inbound-Ready, by Penny Baldwin-French, and 7 Reasons You Must Curate Content, by Martin Smith (both excellent reads for marketers)

Congratulations to all of this year’s honorees — and special thanks to all of you who have created, enjoyed, and shared inspiring presentations throughout the year. We are incredibly grateful for your creativity and support, and we wish you a happy and productive 2015!

More Inspiring Presentations

Create Your Own Inspiring Presentations

I’d love to see YOUR Haiku Deck on next year’s list! Here are a few resources to help you create wow-worthy presentations.


Creative Presentation Ideas: A Guide to the Haiku Deck Gallery

If you’re looking for creative presentation ideas, the Haiku Deck Gallery is packed with inspiring examples from a wide range of topics. And the beautiful new design in both the website and the iPad app serves up more great content in a richer, more fluid browsing experience.

On the Website

Our Featured Gallery is updated each week with outstanding Haiku Decks, and the Popular Gallery showcases the most viewed and shared Haiku Decks. You’ll find inspiring decks created for business, education, how to, inspiration, and more. You can view the deck’s author, number of slides, and number of views at a glance, and see a deck’s complete title by hovering over the title. To view a deck, hover over it and click the PLAY button, or click the deck’s title. You can also help great ideas spread by sharing decks to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or email from the main Gallery screen.

Creative Presentation Ideas: Haiku Deck Gallery (web)

Sample Haiku Deck Gallery view

On the iPad

The in-app Gallery has been completely redesigned for iOS 7, and it’s now much easier to browse and share creative presentation ideas right on your iPad. From the Haiku Deck Main Screen, tap GALLERY, and then tap a deck to view and share it.

Continue reading

Compassion and Connection: Be Inspired by Haiku Deck Guru Susan Spellman Cann

Compassion Counts!

Last week we had so much fun hosting Haiku Deck Guru Susan Spellman Cann at HDHQ. She arrived with fresh flowers from the Pike Place Market and a huge box of goodies from Bishop Carroll High School, where she works as a school counsellor. Susan has been an incredibly special part of our community pretty much since we launched, but it was awesome to meet face to face!

Compassion and caring: Haiku Deck Guru Susan Spellman Cann

Susan with Lisa, our Customer Evangelist

“If I commit to something, I really commit to it.”

Susan takes her role as a Guru incredibly seriously. “If I commit to something, I really commit to it,” she says. In the previous 24 hours, she had evangelized Haiku Deck to the businessman sitting next to her on the plane from Calgary, her taxi driver, and a photographer selling his artwork in the market. (We joked that the best way to spread the word about Haiku Deck might be to just send Susan on a world tour.)

We have long admired Susan’s beautiful Haiku Decks filled with positive messages of caring and compassion, but as we talked it became clear how much Haiku Deck is part of her personal mission to make an impact on young people’s lives, in her community and well beyond. “I believe Haiku Deck can change the world,” she said. “Powerpoint isn’t going to change the world. But Haiku Deck can.”

“I believe Haiku Deck can change the world.”

Here is one of Susan’s decks that has been viewed more than 40,000 times, clear evidence that her inspiring thoughts and words have resonated and spread far beyond her school and city:

Over lunch, she told us the story of a troubled student who decided not to harm herself because Susan happened to smile at her in the hallway (we can attest that she is authentically full of smiles). This powerful moment inspired “One Kind Word”:

Continue reading

Share Your Presentation Online: Haiku Deck Web View

Put Your Presentation Online

One of the best things about Haiku Deck is that you can view decks from any web-enabled device — a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone. In the Haiku Deck web view you can enjoy each presentation online in its full glory and get a snapshot of all the key information —  the description, author, views, category, and public notes). You can browse decks, share your own creations or decks that inspire you with your social networks, and even embed or download a deck, all from one place.

Web View

Here’s your Haiku Deck presentation online at a glance.

(You can explore yourself and check out the deck we’re showcasing below, featuring communication tips from Haiku Deck Guru Lois Zachary, here.)


Whether you’re a sit-back-and-relax viewer or a quick-on-the-trigger keyboarder, there’s bound to be a slide viewing option you’ll love. Here are the options—give them all a try to see what works best for you!

1. Use the controls in the top right corner. Click > to advance one slide or < to go back. Press the gear icon to access auto-advance timing and looping, which is great for running your presentation in kiosk mode.

2. Click anywhere on the slide to advance to the next slide.

3. Tap your spacebar to advance one slide.


The best way to set your story free is to share your decks with your social networks! You can also share inspiring decks you discover to help great content and ideas spread.

Click the share button to reveal options for sharing.


Select whether you’d like to post the deck to your own timeline, a friend’s timeline, to a group, or a page from the Share dropdown. Add a comment, make any edits you’d like to the deck title and description, and click Share Link.


Check the account you’re signed in with in the top right (or sign in if you are prompted to do so), make any edits you’d like to the tweet text, and click Tweet.


Add your insight, make any edits you’d like to the deck title and description, and click Share.


Add a custom comment, select your favorite people, circles or communities, and click Share.

Google Classroom

If you’re using Google Classroom, click this button to add your deck to a Google Classroom page. Learn more here.


To embed a deck in a website or blog, click Embed, select HTML code then copy and paste the string of code. Read more about embedding Haiku Decks here.


To download a beautiful PDF handout that includes your Public Notes, click Download, then Download an Adobe Acrobat PDF copy of your Haiku Deck. Read more about why and how to add Public Notes here.

Your presentation online: Sample Haiku Deck PDF

Sample page of PDF handout showing slides and public notes

Sharing to Other Sites

You can always simply copy the deck URL and post directly to any social site. Read more about ways to share here.

Presentation Inspiration: Haiku Deck 2.0 in Action

We hope you’ve had a chance to download the latest version of Haiku Deck, try out all the cool new features, and set some new kinds of stories free! Our Gallery is bursting with beautiful decks, and for your own presentation inspiration, here are a few of our favorites. (Hot tip: you can now browse the Gallery right from the app! Learn more here.)


In “Through the Noise,” Fenella Olynick uses short lists (and the striking Picaresque theme) effectively to deliver her “students matter, teachers care” message. (Learn more about creating lists here.)

Through The Noise – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Colorful Backgrounds

If you’ve experimented with solid-color slide backgrounds, you might have noticed that the palette of color choices has been expanded. We love mixing in solid-color slides to punctuate the flow of a presentation. Check out how Therese Beale uses them to make her message pop in “Message Gap: Three Clues You Have One.” (Learn how to select a solid-color background here.)

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