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July 18th, 2014 by

A Business Impact Case Study featuring Danielle Oteri

Creative Director, Feast on History
New York City

Inspiration for Small Business Owners

  • Create visual content to increase engagement on blogs and social media
  • Repurpose existing content like lists and blog posts
  • Share expertise to help promote your business or service

Content Marketing with Haiku Deck

Food writer and art historian Danielle Oteri has been busy creating mouthwatering Haiku Decks like these to promote her business through content marketing…..

10 Best Foods in Little Italy – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

…as well as for book proposals, article pitches, and teaching content marketing and social media skills.

Here’s her visual lesson in how to extend the value of your content, centered around a single (killer) photo of a cream puff!

How to Make Micro-content – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Lovely Lists

Danielle discovered Haiku Deck through a Google search —  as she put it, “I loathe PowerPoint, so I was just looking for something different.”

“I loathe PowerPoint, so I was just looking for something different.”

When I spoke with her, she commented that she thinks of Haiku Deck as a classy way to generate Buzzfeed-type content — eye-catching lists with lots of images and minimal text. {Haiku Deck pairs perfectly with lists — we’ve collected some of our favorites on our Lists Pinterest board.}

Danielle loves that the content she creates with Haiku Deck is so easy to share on Twitter and Facebook, as well as SlideShare and LinkedIn, where she feels it works particularly well —  ”I love to get my decks out there and see the view counts add up. It’s just another way of sharing my story and my content.”

“I love to get my decks out there and see the view counts add up.”

Pro Tips

Danielle has cooked up her own spin on collaboration — to work with a group on a Haiku Deck, she made a draft, sent the link around to her collaborators, and made real-time edits while talking through the content on a conference call. “It was easy for us to collaborate,” recounts Danielle. “I was able to do it all from my iPad.”

“I was able to do it all from my iPad.”

She also uses Adobe Illustrator to create her own custom images, such as this three-photo layout, which she then imports to Haiku Deck.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 4.54.37 PM

Danielle recommends Haiku Deck for trainers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and businesses who need content but don’t have a lot of money to pay for it.

“Haiku Deck is perfect for trainers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and businesses who need content but don’t have a lot of money to pay for it.”

Extra Helping

Here’s a delectable Haiku Deck Danielle’s husband, Christian Galliani of wineforthe99.com, created to share his picks for inexpensive wine. Cheers!

Top Ten Santa Margherita Alternatives – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Haiku Deck App Mashup: Paper by FiftyThree

July 11th, 2014 by

Have you ever considered how useful it would be if you could draw a diagram, illustrate an idea by hand, or paint a picture to share a vision in one (or several) of your presentations? If so, then you should check out Paper by FiftyThree, which you can partner with Haiku Deck to create unique, custom background illustrations for your slides.

The app: Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is a free app for iPad that allows you to draw to your heart’s content. It’s fun, slick, and simple to use, and you can buy additional drawing tools within the app if you want more stylistic versatility. You can keep your drawings grouped in ‘journals,’ save your creations to your Camera Roll, share your work on social networking sites, and even order printed books from your collections.

The possibilities:

  • Incorporating original drawings
  • A cohesive, unique look for your deck
  • Customized sketches
  • Customized charts
  • Illustrations for ideas that are hard to find photos for
  • Fun!

App mashup example:

Haiku Deck Guru Alexander Charner made this awesome deck about working with his dad for Father’s Day this year, and illustrated many of the slides using Paper:

How To Work With Your Dad – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Alexander also uses a very cohesive, simple color palette across his drawings and slides in this deck about the role of vocal energy in engaging an audience: Are Audiences Getting Worse?

How to use it with Haiku Deck:

  1. Download Paper for free from the App Store or this link.
  2. Open a journal in the main menu, or start a new one.
  3. Tap a blank page to get started.
  4. Draw!
  5. Pinch on the screen to zoom back out so you’re viewing the page in your journal that you drew on.
  6. Tap the export button at the bottom (square with arrow pointing up)
  7. Choose Camera Roll (if the toggle is orange, you’re ready to go)
  8. Tap SHARE at the bottom
  9. If you’re prompted to allow Paper to access your photos, accept the request
  10. Use the image(s) you save to your Camera Roll as backgrounds for slides in Haiku Deck!


  • Make sure to leave a border around your image, since the edges of graphics get cropped in Haiku Deck to make room for the parallax transition between slides when you’re presenting.
  • Putting two fingers on the screen in Paper, and moving them in a counter-clockwise position, rewinds through your steps like a fancy ‘undo’ button.
  • You can email yourself the images from your Camera Roll if you want to use them from your computer with the Haiku Deck Web App.
  • Think outside the box: you can use Paper for more than just fun drawings. In the example above, Alexander used it to make a Venn diagram, for example:Venn Diagram
  • For inspiration, check out Made With Paper. If you’re in the app, just close whichever journal you’re in with a pinch, and swipe to see the leftmost item in the menu.
  • Need help with Paper, or want to learn the basics? Check out their support site here.

Think Like a Red Bull Soapbox Racer for Epic Presentations

June 27th, 2014 by

The world-famous Red Bull Soapbox Race is coming to our hometown this summer, and we have a shot at being one of 40 teams angling for glory. This got us to thinking: What can this crazy-creative, adrenaline-filled, crowd-pleasing event teach us about presentations?

We created this Haiku Deck to capture 6 quick tips for winning presentations, all illustrated with entertaining photographs of previous Red Bull Soapbox creations from our killer Creative Commons image search.

You can spin through it in less time than it’ll take us to (fingers crossed) steer our oversized origami crane down Yesler Way toward the finish line. If you like our tips, you can help us secure a spot in the lineup by tweeting the Haiku Deck, or posting your favorite slide to Instagram, using the hashtag #TeamHaikuDeck.

Think Like a Red Bull Soapbox Racer

As always, your support is the wind beneath our colorful paper wings!

P.S. If you’re really in the mood to send a little love to #TeamHaikuDeck – who is working really hard to make your presentations speedier to create and save across all your devices – you can also vote for us in the Tabby Awards Users’ Choice awards. (Just search for “Haiku Deck” on the page, then scroll down a bit to click the red bar that says Haiku Deck.)

A Field Guide to Haiku Deck’s Premium Themes

June 5th, 2014 by

Premium Themes for Presentations

Each professionally designed Haiku Deck theme includes a stylish combination of font, image filter, and color palette for your charts and graphs, to keep your decks looking polished and cohesive.

Haiku Deck’s 13 premium themes are currently available only on the Haiku Deck iPad app. These themes can be purchased from the app individually for $1.99 each, or as a set (the Bento Box theme pack) for $14.99.

13 Premium Themes (iPad Only)


Bold curves paired with flowing script make this bracing theme an all-season winner. Chill the image tones with optional muted filter. When you’re rallying your team or pitching for a place in the race, you’ll glide to a strong finish with Iditarod.

Haiku Deck Iditarod Theme

See more example slides and decks in the Iditarod theme on our Iditarod Theme Pinterest board.


Hardworking and tough, Foundry rolls up its sleeves to make your words pop more strongly. In this theme your words do the heavy lifting, while images fade to the background in a sturdy wash of color. Inspired by work shirts, tool sets, and hard hats, this theme says it’s ok to sweat over a great idea.

Available in upper case only.

Haiku Deck Foundry Theme

Visit our Foundry Theme Pinterest board to see more example slides and decks.


This fresh, bracing theme with an optional vintage fade filter will put the wind in your creative sails. When you’re summarizing a discussion or making a pitch, reel them in with Nantucket.

Available in upper case only.

Haiku Deck Nantucket Theme

See more examples on our Nantucket Theme Pinterest board.


When it’s time to plot your course to the future, this theme takes you there at warp speed. Starship engages everyone’s inner geek and puts bold mission statements (or ship’s logs, for that matter) in your command.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Starship Theme

Visit our Starship Theme Pinterest board to see more examples in this theme.


Get the crowd chanting your name with this hard-working theme that’s overflowing with scrappy heart. If you’re proclaiming your manifesto or rallying a roomful, Underdog is in your corner. Optional black-and-white filter for maximum punch.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Underdog Theme

See more examples on our Underdog Theme Pinterest board.


Invigorate your ideas with this fresh, fluid theme that sweeps away the dusty cobwebs of dullness. Choose Clean to infuse your insights, innovations, and inspirations with sparkling vitality and clarity.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Clean Theme

See more examples on our Clean Theme Pinterest board.


When you need a no-nonsense, straight-shooting look with just the right mix of magic and mettle, this theme won’t let you down. For stand-out status reports or noteworthy lecture recaps, tell it how it is with Kalamazoo. Optional filter boosts the mood with bluish tones.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Kalamazoo Theme

Visit our Kalamazoo Theme Pinterest board to see more examples.


This theme, crisp and clean as a well-chilled pinot grigio, pairs perfectly with precise language and tasty images. When you’re serving up meeting notes, spicing up a list, or selling your daily special, choose Tabletop to set the table with style.

Available  in upper case only.

Haiku Deck Tabletop Theme

See more examples on our Tabletop Theme Pinterest board.


This timeless style with optional black-and-white filter makes every story look like a classic. Pull together a snappy top 10 list, a high-impact how-to lesson, or a heartfelt homage with Fedora.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Fedora Theme

Visit our Fedora Theme Pinterest board to see more examples.


This evocative theme with optional saturated filter is a colorful canvas for vivid verbs, punchy adjectives, and broad strokes. Set the stage, illustrate your brand values, and tell your stories like a literary legend with Novella.

Available in upper case only.

Haiku Deck Novella Theme

See more example slides and decks on our Novella Theme Pinterest board.


Give the same-old the smackdown with this exuberant theme that’s more colorful than a Tijuana dive bar. Grab Lucha to give the play-by-play of a larger-than-life event or to craft a visual resume that showcases your singular style.

Lucha is available in upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Lucha Theme

Visit our Lucha Theme Pinterest board to see more examples.


Champion your cause and exert mind control with this compelling theme. Wherever your vision falls on the dystopian-to-utopian scale, speak the truth and cultivate your own cult of personality with Orwell. Optional fade filter maximizes the mood.

Available in upper case only.

Haiku Deck Orwell Theme

To see more examples visit our Orwell Theme Pinterest board.


The premier loves surprises, and so does your audience. Stop worrying and learn to love fist-shaking speeches with this roundly retro theme (sepia filter optional). When you’re in the hot seat for think tank findings, conspiracy theories, or war room briefings, let Strangelove be your fail-safe.

Available in upper and lower case font.

Haiku Deck Strangelove Theme

See more examples on our Strangelove Theme Pinterest board.

More About Haiku Deck Themes

A Field Guide to Haiku Deck’s Free Themes

June 5th, 2014 by

Free Themes for Presentations

Haiku Deck themes keep your decks looking stylish and cohesive from beginning to end, with a professionally designed combination of font, image filter, and color palette for your charts and graphs. Haiku Deck’s six free themes  are available in both the Haiku Deck iPad app, and the Haiku Deck Web App.

Six Free Themes

Five Seven Five

Your ideas unleashed

Floating on a summer breeze–

Set your story free.

Our default theme, available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Five Seven Five

See more example slides and decks on our Five Seven Five Theme Pinterest board.


Zip around in style with this theme’s classic curves and clean lines. Optional image filter makes colors bright and warm, like a favorite Pucci scarf. For jaunty journals or the perfect panini recipe, live La Vita Bella with Volterra.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Volterra Theme

See more examples on our Volterra Theme Pinterest board.


The stylish sepia wash captures the imagination and steals the scene like a charmingly roguish hero. Whether you’re building out the backstory, presenting a retrospective, or bringing a magical new idea to life, Picaresque is pitch perfect. Available in both upper  and lower case.

Haiku Deck Picaresque Theme

See more example slides and decks on our Picaresque Theme Pinterest board.


Every colorful crane starts with a simple square of paper. This crisp, lighthearted theme with optional shadow-border filter is ideal for illustrating a blog post, enlivening a meeting agenda, or sending a personal message that’s truly a work of art.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Origami Theme

See more examples on our Origami Theme Pinterest board.


Walk your big idea down the red carpet with this sweeping theme. Whether you’re storyboarding a script, thanking your supporters, or projecting your grand vision, Cinematic is the star of the show. Optional filter teases out the greens for a cinematographer’s touch.

Available uppercase only.

Haiku Deck Cinematic Theme

See more examples on our Cinematic Theme Pinterest board.


Chart your course and explore new depths of meaning with this boldly exquisite theme. Zissou is perfect for presenting a plan, telling a mesmerizing story, and sharing highlights from your adventures, undersea or otherwise.

Available in both upper and lower case.

Haiku Deck Zissou Theme

See more examples on our Zissou Theme Pinterest board.

More About Haiku Deck Themes

Which is your favorite of our free themes? We’d love to hear in the comments.

Haiku Deck Support Just Got Better!

May 23rd, 2014 by

When it comes to your experience with Haiku Deck support, the team here has a few specific goals:

  • Personalized support: even if we write you back before our morningly coffee, our responses won’t leave you wondering if you’re dealing with a robot.
  • Speedy solutions: like Clark Kent rushing off to save the day, we often drop everything to save you from presentation peril. (Yes, I just compared answering emails to being a superhero from another planet. Shush.)
  • Proactive empowerment: a fancy, shorter way of saying “we like putting the answers out there so you can find them without needing to wait for us.”
  • Simple, beautiful, fun: we try to take the same approach to support as we have for Haiku Deck, by keeping our support as user-friendly as we can.

Having started reading this post because of its enthusiastic, promising subject line, you’re probably thinking: “that’s great and all, but what’s new?” Well, in the spirit of the goals above, I just finished making some huge changes to our support site — and I’m really excited to share them with you! Here are the updates I love the most:

There are all sorts of nifty little updates here and there, so you should go find the rest of the changes for yourself (remember that whole ‘proactive empowerment’ thing?). If you’re looking for new tips and tricks, or running into trouble, take our new support portal for a spin – just click the HELP button in the top right corner of our website anytime!


10 Fantastic Photography Project Ideas

May 15th, 2014 by

Smile…it’s National Photography Month!

Photography makes us smile all year round — but for the occasion, we’ve collected 10 fun photography project ideas for exploring, teaching, and celebrating photography with Haiku Deck.

1. Do a Photography Scavenger Hunt

Hunt for, and photograph, a list of geometric shapes, colors, numbers, or textures. Snap photographs of things that start with a certain letter or rhyme with a word. Use Haiku Deck to share your photos and compare your discoveries!

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

2. Illustrate a Process

Take photographs to capture and share how to make something, do something, or carry out an experiment, step by step. Here’s a Haiku Deck that demonstrates how to make ice cream in a plastic bag! (more…)

Rethinking the Case Study Format

May 15th, 2014 by

Irene Yam had an “aha” moment recently — case studies are the most important B2B marketing tool, yet in their traditional text-heavy format, it’s challenging to get them approved (let alone read). Why not make them visual?

The Visual Case Study Approach

Irene has been using Haiku Deck to transform the typical case study format, making her project write-ups more visual, more engaging, and ultimately more effective (examples below).

“Haiku Deck has really changed the way I think about engaging customers for case studies. Traditional case studies don’t really get read. Case studies are more like “proof” to show to potential customers.”

She has distilled her best tips into this awesome visual case study template – click to view Irene’s template with her step-by-step suggestions.

Template for a Visual Case Study Format
Irene’s Template for a Visual Case Study Format

Visual Case Study Examples

Why do visual case studies work? In Irene’s words,

“Today, most people lack the time or willingness to read case studies or white papers. Many readers prefer to click and snack on catchy titles, bullet points and summaries — the sticky stuff.”

Another benefit is a streamlined approval process — she has found that with the visual case study format, the turnaround time for getting her case studies approved dropped from two months or more to under a week.

Here are a couple of Irene’s case studies in Haiku Deck format.

Visual Case Study Format Example: Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company

SFBCIC Visual Case Study Example

Visual Case Study Format Example: City of Milpitas, California

City of Milpitas Visual Case Study Example

Irene has gotten positive feedback from her sales team as well because the new format makes the case studies easier to share.

Be sure to read her full write-up on LinkedIn, where she details strategies for structuring case studies and getting them turned around quickly.

The Case for Visual Case Studies

Visual case studies are an all-around win:

  • Faster approval time
  • More likely to be read and understood
  • Easier to share
  • Flexible, valuable brand asset
  • Make your work stand out

Share Your Story

Have a killer Haiku Deck visual case study? You can easily embed it in your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your work in a standout way — and be sure to share it with us, too, at gallery@haikudeck.com.




3 Ways to Amplify Your Presentation’s Impact with Photographs

May 9th, 2014 by

“Pics, or it didn’t happen.”

In our digital world we are increasingly immersed in photos, and we can’t get enough of them. Photo sharing is the most popular activity on Facebook and Google+, and an average of 350 million photos are added to Facebook and 60 million to Instagram each day. Through photographs we communicate our experiences and observations, capture treasured memories, and and evoke powerful emotions.

Of course, photos can mean business, too — many presentations incorporate photographs of some kind, though there’s an art to choosing and using them well.

Method 1: Deepen Meaning

The most satisfying presentations have a powerful central idea, and photographs can be an ideal way to bring that unifying theme to life visually, and vividly.

Thematic Imagery

For example, when we launched our Web App, the central idea was that we were bringing Haiku Deck to the cloud. In our Haiku Deck press release, I used images of clouds and water in various forms throughout to reinforce the message.

Amplifying your presentation with photographs: Cloud imagery Amplifying your presentation with photographs: Cloud imagery

Amplifying your presentation with photographs: Cloud imagery Amplifying your presentation with photographs: Cloud imagery

Contrasting Imagery

In this set of slides, for a talk I gave on innovation, I used pairs of contrasting photos throughout to express visually how we break free from the confines of convention — for example, tiny, closed windows followed by open, colorful windows to illustrate different attitudes toward customer feedback.

Amplify your presentation's impact with photographs: closed, tiny windows to express a closed attitudeAmplify your presentation's impact with photographs: bright, colorful windows express an open attitude

Similarly, to illuminate our unique approach to brand ambassadors, I contrasted a photograph of uniform, monochrome lights with an artful image of one-of-a-kind lanterns.


A Year of Inspiration for Educators

May 6th, 2014 by

As a special thank you for the amazing educators in our creative community, we’re making our premium iPad themes available for free, all week long.

And to help put those beautiful themes to good use, here is a full year of inspiration for using Haiku Deck — in the classroom and out — every month of the year.

Thank you for all you do, teachers! We are inspired by you.


Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app


  • Create “What We Learned” Haiku Decks to celebrate the year’s accomplishments (more…)