How To Promote Your Business or Service

January 13th, 2015 by

Haiku Deck Rock Star Series: Crafting the Perfect Pitch

More than two years ago, soon after we launched, this ingeniously simple and informative Haiku Deck caught my attention. “Startup Pitch Template” was created by Jeremy Caplan, Director of Education for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism and an accomplished journalist himself.

How To Promote Your Business: Startup Pitch Template by Jeremy Caplan

Startup Pitch Template, by Jeremy Caplan

Startup Pitch Template has proven to be one of the most enduringly popular Haiku Decks of all time, continuing to draw significant organic traffic, thousands of views, and dozens of social shares each month, more than 2 years after its creation.

When you consider that in the context of Haiku Deck’s origin — a radical pivot, inspired by the pain of putting together a pitch deck for a completely different business idea  – it’s pretty clear that people are looking for a better way to pitch their business ideas.

Our co-founder and CEO Adam shared this backstory, and his best tips for a killer pitch, in this entertaining Haiku Deck:

Secrets Of A Killer Pitch #sicpitch #sic2013 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

If your agenda is to promote or pitch, Haiku Deck is your secret weapon — especially with recent release of new features like logo slides and custom color backgrounds.

“If your agenda is to promote or pitch, Haiku Deck is your secret weapon.”

When I relaunched my consulting business recently, I didn’t have time to create a website or even business cards, but I definitely had time to make a Haiku Deck! It was a fun, flexible way to experiment with messaging and imagery. (Compare that to the expense of creating videos, which can be expensive and nearly impossible to update.)

How to Promote Your Business: Sample Haiku Deck portfolio

Sample Haiku Deck portfolio

Rock Star Tips for Promoting Your Business

How to Promote Your Business: Sample logo slide

Sample logo slide

  • Use a paragraph slide to share a mini-manifesto highlighting what you believe and why, or to summarize your offering. Danielle Oteri does this beautifully in her Haiku Deck created to promote the Feast On Innovation (which sounds AMAZING, by the way).
How To Promote Your Business: Sample paragraph slide

Sample paragraph slide

How To Promote Your Business: Sample solid color slide

Sample solid-color slide

Your Turn

We’d love to see your killer pitches and promotional Haiku Decks! Please share links in the comments, or tweet them with the hashtag #hdgallery.

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How To Give a Killer Presentation

How To Give a Killer Presentation

January 9th, 2015 by

Haiku Deck Rock Star Series: Presenting Like a Pro

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to up your presentation game?

Between the “fresh start” feeling and the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. — undoubtedly one of the most enthralling public speakers of all time — there’s no better time of year to tackle this elusive goal head-on.

Is there a perfect way to give a killer presentation? Well, not exactly. You’ll have to find your way.

You can take inspiration from these five outstanding live presentations, or get a few ideas for structure and flow from this new killer speech template.

Killer Speech Template – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Rock Star Tips for Killer Presentations

The MOST IMPORTANT THING I would emphasize to you, as you contemplate how to give a killer presentation, is that one slide does not fit all — if you’re presenting live, you need to have far, far less text than if you’re creating a piece of standalone content to be read (more on this topic in How To Build Thought Leadership).

If you’re presenting live, you need to have far, far less text than if you’re creating a piece of standalone content to be read.

If you’d like to share your slides after your in-the-room talk (which I strongly encourage you to do — presentations are killer pieces of personal intellectual property), I suggest using Notes to add detail and context or to create handouts, or copying your slides and fleshing your ideas out a bit more so they stand alone.

A few other rock star tips:

  • Make your presentation feel cohesive, thematically and visually, by identifying a central theme to inspire your words and images. See, for example, this presentation I gave at AMA Houston, where I used origami images throughout to evoke the Haiku Deck logo. (Notice also how I included most of what I said in the room in the Notes, to make the meaning more clear without cluttering up my slides.)
How to Give a Killer Presentation: Using unifying thematic imagery

An example of unifying thematic imagery

  • Mix up your slide types so they don’t get repetitive. Try to work in a few paragraph slides, a list or two, some charts, and some high-impact headline slides.
  • Be sure to keep your slide text minimal so you will never, ever be tempted to read it out loud to your audience, which research shows is by far the most annoying thing you can do as a presenter. Find out the other annoying things to avoid here.
  • Even if you have a “set” presentation that you give frequently, take the time to customize your message to the audience and the location. This could be through the opening and closing stories you tell, the examples you highlight, or the images you choose.

Your Turn

We’d love to see your killer Haiku Deck presentation! Please share links in the comments, or tweet them with the hashtag #hdgallery.

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The Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014

December 29th, 2014 by

Our Picks for Decks of the Year

It’s one of my favorite times — when we look back at the most inspiring presentations created in 2014 and select our favorites to be honored as Decks of the Year.

Previous honorees and new ones, stylish decks and informative ones, beautiful Creative Commons images and custom collages — there’s a bit of everything in this year’s list, and we hope you’ll find something that inspires you.

1. Most Stylish

Scandinavian Interior Design Trends, by Emma Fexeus

Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014: Scandinavian Interior Design Trends by Emma Fexeus

Theme: Five Seven Five

Why We Love It:

  • Inspiring, visual subject matter
  • Gorgeous use of custom photo collages. {Learn how in Import Images to Haiku Deck like a Pro.}
  • Polished, consistent formatting featuring high-impact white text over stunning visuals, punctuated with solid black backgrounds

We can’t wait to see what ultra-talented design blogger Emma will create with Haiku Deck next!

2. Most Personality

How To Get a Startup  Job, by Kim Pham

Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014: How To Get a Startup Job, by Kim Pham

Theme: Cinematic

Why We Love It:

  • Kim’s use of candid personal photos, punctuated by high-impact solid backgrounds, makes her deck feel authentic yet polished.
  • Her well-crafted slides and Notes are packed with succinct, useful advice.
  • Those solid red backgrounds with the crisp white text just knock our socks off. Hai-5, Kim!

Honorable MentionRandom Rants About Sales and Social Selling, by Barbara Giamanco

3. Most Artistic

How to Work with Your Dad, by Alexander Charner

How To Work With Your Dad – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Theme: Iditarod (One of our absolute favorites, and newly available on the web!)

Why We Love It:

  • Alexander’s striking illustrations, created on the iPad with Paper by FiftyThree, give his Haiku Deck a truly one-of-a-kind look.
  • He incorporates a variety of paragraph slide layouts effectively to give his deck rhythm and flow.
  • Created for Father’s Day, this lovely work of art perfectly balances personal sentiment with broad appeal. We’ll look forward to your next inspiration, Alexander!

4. Most Helpful

10 Productivity Hacks for Spring, by Blakely Aguilar

Most Inspiring Decks of 2014: 10 Spring Productivity Hacks, by Blakely Aguilar

Theme: Zissou

Why We Love It:

  • This is an ideal use of Haiku Deck — short, sweet, to the point. {Create your own deck like this in just a few minutes with our handy Idea Sharing template.}
  • Great tips! We definitely try to observe “fluff-free meetings” here at the office, and I’m an especially big fan of the “say no” tactic.
  • This is just one in a series of stand-out Haiku Decks created by the resourceful team at PGI and shared on SlideShare. {Uploading to SlideShare is a terrific way to amplify your reach: This one got nearly 20K combined views!} Blakely discovered that with Haiku Deck, they were able to produce useful, shareable content at a fraction of the cost of custom PowerPoints. Keep those great Haiku Decks coming, team PGI!

Honorable Mentions: 7 Tips for Long Training Rides, by Irene Yam and How To Find Inspiration, by Melissa Johnson

5. Best Use of Custom Imagery

How to Make Micro-Content, by Danielle Oteri

How to Make Micro-content – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Theme: Volterra

Why We Love It:

  • Danielle’s Haiku Deck is crisp, cohesive, and filled with tasty content marketing advice.
  • She incorporates artful photo collages as well as perfectly chosen snapshots to illustrate her points effectively. {See also: Import Images Like a Pro.}
  • Cream puffs! Enough said.

6. Best Use of Imagery

Sharing Infrastructure, by John Sheridan

Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014: Sharing Infrastructure, by John Sheridan

Theme: Strangelove (Newly available on the web!)

Why We Love It:

  • Australia’s CTO always wows us with his creative uses of Haiku Deck to share insights about technology infrastructure.
  • Each well-chosen image in this to-the-point deck is evocative and packed with storytelling power.
  • John also uses the Notes effectively to elaborate his points while keeping the wording on his slides crisp. Hai-5, John!

Honorable Mention: Persuasive Speaking, by Jonathan Tran

 7. Most Thought-Provoking

Leanership, a New Way of Work, by Stowe Boyd

Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014: Leanership, by Stowe Boyd

Theme: Zissou

Why We Love It:

  • Stowe’s Haiku Deck stands out for its depth and substance. He packs so much clarifying detail into the Notes that this Haiku Deck could easily stand alone as an ebook.
  • It’s a terrific example of sharing a groundbreaking idea in manifesto form.
  • His use of THIS (NOT THAT) headlines creates a compelling sense of rhythm, bringing his concept into focus in the process. We’d love to see more of your thoughts on the future of work in Haiku Deck form, Stowe!

8. Most Progressive

Quotes from Women Developers and Engineers, by Arabella Santiago

Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014: Quotes from Women Developers and Engineers

Theme: Volterra

Why We Love It:

  • Quotes from today’s tech leaders and the great Grace Hopper. What’s not to love?
  • Excellent use of Notes to add context and background.
  • Concise and focused — A perfect use of Haiku Deck. We’d love to see a series of these!

9. Best Education Presentation

Digital Citizenship Lessons, by Susan Spellman Cann

Digital Citizenship Lessons – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Theme: Volterra

Why We Love It:

  • Digital citizenship is something we should all be thinking about — Susan’s beautifully crafted deck is thought-provoking and powerful for Internet users of all ages.
  • Her use of solid-color backgrounds in a rainbow of colors, interspersed with high-impact, evocative visuals, create a powerful rhythm.
  • All of Susan’s Haiku Decks are brimming with positive energy and inspire us to be better people. Keep on improving the world with your beautiful inspirations, Susan!

Honorable Mention: Digital Storytelling, by Judy Arzt

10. Most Informative

Badass Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Reach, by Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay, Inc.

haiku deck decks of the year


Theme: Orwell (Newly available on the web!)

Why We Love It:

  1. This beautifully crafted 36-slide deck packs in a book’s worth of specific, detailed tips for bloggers.
  2. The delivery is engaging and packed with personality, with punchy text and well-chosen images.
  3. Virginia’s detailed Notes add helpful background and make you feel like she’s in the room. We can’t wait to see more Haiku Decks from you, Virginia!

Honorable MentionsHow To Ensure Your Website is Inbound-Ready, by Penny Baldwin-French, and 7 Reasons You Must Curate Content, by Martin Smith (both excellent reads for marketers)

Congratulations to all of this year’s honorees — and special thanks to all of you who have created, enjoyed, and shared inspiring presentations throughout the year. We are incredibly grateful for your creativity and support, and we wish you a happy and productive 2015!

More Inspiring Presentations

Create Your Own Inspiring Presentations

I’d love to see YOUR Haiku Deck on next year’s list! Here are a few resources to help you create wow-worthy presentations.


How To Make Your Company Values Visible

December 22nd, 2014 by

Haiku Deck Rock Star Series: Showcasing Company Values and Culture

There’s nothing quite like the last few work days of the year — they’re a bit quieter yet also more festive, with heightened camaraderie and (if your office is anything like ours) heightened quantities of hot chocolate and peppermint bark. Creative fuel, we call it…

In my book, it’s an ideal time for reflecting on the year’s accomplishments and tackling important, yet often-delayed, projects like capturing company values and guiding principles. Here’s one I put together in well under an hour.

Haiku Deck Culture and Core Values – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Here’s another nice example from Neal Kearney Realty:

Kearney Realty Co. – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Making values visible — and visual — helps make them real, and also sets the tone beautifully for next year’s plans and goals.

After all, if your company values and mission/vision statements truly matter, they deserve to be showcased in a beautiful, inspiring format, not pinned forlornly to the wall above the copy machine or buried in an Intranet folder.

Making values visible — and visual — helps make them real, and also sets the tone beautifully for next year’s plans and goals.

To help you get to that satisfying “done” even faster, here’s a template you can use to showcase your company values in a beautiful, visual Haiku Deck.

Culture and Core Values Haiku Deck Presentation Template – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Rock Star Tips for Making Company Values Visible

  • This is a great place to make use of the new logo slide type — try using it for the first and last slides of your Haiku Deck.
  • The paragraph slide type gives you a bit more text to work with for capturing a concise founding story, an inspiring quote from your founder, or a well-crafted mission statement. If you need more space, you can always add detail in the Notes field.
Rock Star Series: Making Company Values Visible with Haiku Deck

Sample paragraph slide

Your Turn

We’d love to see your company values in Haiku Deck form! Please share links in the comments, or tweet them with the hashtag #hdgallery.

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How to Build Thought Leadership

December 18th, 2014 by

Haiku Deck Rock Star Series: Building Thought Leadership

We believe everybody has ideas and stories that are worth sharing — yes, you!

It might be social media tips, a unique approach to landing real estate listings, or thoughts about the future of education or ecommerce, but your unique expertise and insights can help others interested in your topic, and they can help you extend your personal brand as well through thought leadership.

At work we think and talk a lot about presentation technology and trends (naturally), but I don’t always take the time to zoom out and capture these thoughts.

When I noticed that one of the month’s showcase themes on SlideShare was “Future Of…,” it was pretty easy to put this together.

The Future of Presentations: Top Trends for Communicators – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

I uploaded my Haiku Deck to SlideShare (where it reached more than 10,000 people in a single weekend), shared it on all of my social networks, and added a link to my email signature. Sometimes I’m wowed by how quickly content like this can spread when you just put your ideas out there.

Sometimes I’m wowed by how quickly content like this can spread when you just put your ideas out there.

What kind of thought leadership content could you create? What have you learned or observed this year, or what trends do you see for next year? I’d love to see your thought leadership Haiku Decks out there, spreading ideas and inspiration.

What have you learned or observed this year, or what trends do you see for next year?

To make it easy, here’s an idea sharing template you can use as a visual model, plus my favorite “rock star” tips:

Idea Sharing Presentation Template – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Rock Star Tips for Creating Thought Leadership Content

  • This is an ideal place to try out the new logo slide type — you can add your company logo or even a picture of yourself to connect your ideas to your identity.
  • For this kind of highly shareable content, you want to make sure your message is self-contained within your slides. It’s a perfect place to use the paragraph slide type to be sure each idea is expressed clearly and fully. (Remember that more and more presentation content is viewed on mobile devices, where Notes may not be visible.)
Building thought leadership: Sample paragraph slide type

Sample paragraph slide 

  • This doesn’t mean you should cram your slides full of text, however — you want to keep your ideas crisp, clear, and easy to scan.
  • You can set your deck privacy to “private” or “restricted” while you’re working on it, but don’t forget to change it to “public” to get your ideas out there!

Rock Star Tips for Promoting Your Thought Leadership Content

Building thought leadership: Optimizing your decks for Twitter

Tweets with images win!

 Your Turn

We’d love to see your thought leadership Haiku Decks! Please share links in the comments, or tweet them with the hashtag #hdgallery.

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Happy Holidays from Haiku Deck: Free New Fonts and Filters!

December 17th, 2014 by

Here at Haiku Deck, it’s been a truly remarkable year.

We’ve released new features, like our brand-friendly logo slide type and custom slide colors. We made Haiku Deck for iPhone, and partnered up with SlideShare to make it easy to build beautiful decks on the world’s most popular presentation sharing site. We hit one million, and then two million, iPad app downloads. We were honored to be chosen by Geekwire as one of Seattle’s 10 most groundbreaking startups.

None of that would have been possible without our amazing creative community, and we wanted to do something as a little thank you. Since “more fonts” is a very frequently requested feature, we’ve added 14 new fonts and image filters to the web by adding premium themes that were previously only available on the iPad.

Plus, we made all 20 themes free for both iPad and the web!

haiku deck premium themes now free

Selecting a Theme

To check out the new free themes in the app, simply tap or click on the “FONTS/THEMES” tab in the top center of edit mode:

haiku deck fonts/themes

If you’d like to learn more about each theme, we’ve included a short summary, screenshots, and links to our Pinterest boards dedicated to showcasing examples of each of our themes, here.

Share Your Story

Now, you can make the most stylish holiday greeting or wish list ever. Tweet us the results with #hdholiday or drop us a line at - we’d love to see how you use the new themes!

The New Corporate Template

November 20th, 2014 by

Corporate Templates: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

To me, a corporate template is kind of like a pinstripe suit — professional and conservative, but (usually) not particularly exciting.

Most corporate templates are like a pinstripe suit: professional, but not exciting

Templates are like pinstripes: professional, but not particularly exciting

And let’s face it — the corporate template is as pervasive as bad PowerPoint in today’s business culture.

Nearly every company and brand has one, and in my role as Haiku Deck’s Chief Inspiration Officer, I’ve seen plenty of them — beautiful, bland, and downright hideous.


This would fall into the latter category….

Now as a bona fide brand geek, I appreciate that there are plenty of great intentions behind most corporate templates — they keep brand expression consistent, they give presentations a cohesive, polished look, and (in most cases) they give presentation creators a leg up in terms of design, structure, and layout.

But I believe corporate templates also have a few drawbacks that are worth noting:

1. They take valuable space (and attention) away from the content being presented.

2. In the rush of presentation prep, slides from different templates are often combined into a single presentation, resulting in a mishmash instead of a polished whole.

3. Just like a presentation using endless header-and-bullet slides, corporate templates can set a tone of uniformity and, well, corporateness that subtly signals “This is going to be boring.” Especially in longer presentations, it gets monotonous.

Zooming out a bit, corporate templates do not exactly encourage creativity or inspiration on the part of the presenter, and I can’t help but feel that at some level they disrespect the intelligence of the audience. Putting a logo or a company name on every single slide seems to suggest that the audience is going to forget where they are, or who they’re talking to. It’s just overkill.

Putting a logo on every single slide seems to suggest that the audience is going to forget who they’re talking to.

Bottom line: It’s really only your company who cares about your company template.

A New Take on the Template

I love working with companies, large and small, to help them create beautifully branded Haiku Decks that loosen the tie, so to speak, on the typically stuffy corporate template.

Here’s one we created for our friends at OfficeNinjas:

The OfficeNinjas Story – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Here’s another example of a Haiku Deck that’s branded with a lighter touch:

Ideas that Stick – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

7 Strategies for a More Creative Corporate Template

You might not be able to abandon your corporate template wholesale, but perhaps you can experiment a bit. Here are my top tips to help you try out this new approach.

1. Try putting your logo on the first and last slides, not on every slide. (Tip: The new Haiku Deck logo layout is ideal for this.)

New corporate template: Sample logo slide

The new Haiku Deck logo slide layout makes this a snap

2. Include boilerplate or legalese on one slide, not every slide.

3. Include your hashtag or Twitter handle at the beginning of your presentation (or sprinkle throughout), not on every slide.

The New Corporate Template: sample hashtag slide

Include your hashtag at the beginning of your presentation, not on every slide

4. Include your contact info at the end of your presentation, not (you guessed it) on every slide.

New corporate template: Sample contact info slide

Sample contact info slide to close a presentation

5. Instead of repeating slide headings, try using solid-color, standalone slides to introduce new topics or sections. (Tip: In Haiku Deck, you can now create solid-color backgrounds to match your brand colors using the new color picker.)

New corporate template: Sample section break slide

Try a solid-color section break slide instead of repeating slide headers

6. Use creative imagery to evoke or illustrate your brand — you don’t have to resort to logos alone. You can include images of actual products, people, places, or symbolic objects that relate to your brand or company.

For example, when I give talks about Haiku Deck, I prefer to represent our brand with beautiful images of colorful origami instead of showing our logo over and over again.

New corporate template: Using evocative imagery instead of a logo

Try using evocative imagery to express your brand in place of logos

7. Experiment with choosing photographs and colorful backgrounds that showcase your brand colors in a more stimulating way.  If your company colors are, say, blue and green, try doing an image search for “blue green,” “blue green abstract,” or “blue green pattern.” (Tip: You can now match your brand’s colors exactly using custom color slide backgrounds.)

New Corporate Template: Using abstract colors

Try using abstract patterns in your brand colors for a creative twist

New corporate template: Using abstract patterns in brand colors

Your Turn

What ideas do you have for loosening the tie on the corporate template? We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your examples — feel free to share your creations at

More Helpful Resources

If you found this article helpful, you might enjoy these as well:

Showcase Your Brand Identity Beautifully with New Logo Slides and Custom Colors

November 20th, 2014 by

As more and more Haiku Deck users work with the app for selling products or representing their company’s vision, the need for slides to showcase a company’s brand identity with logos and custom background colors has become a top request.

Beginning today, iPad users can update Haiku Deck to version 3.3, and web app users can sign in to, to give these awesome new features a try. Here’s how they work:

Creating a Logo Slide

Select the orange Text button on the left, then the Logo Slide type that now appears at the bottom of the “SELECT FORMAT” options.

haiku deck logo slide

Once you’ve selected the Logo Slide type, tap on the camera icon in the white circle on the slide to upload your image or logo. After importing your logo, enter your text and tap on the blue Image icon to search for a Creative Commons image, import your own photo, or use a solid color for your slide’s background.

Tip: For the best results, the optimal size for logo images in Haiku Deck is 600 x 600 pixels. If you find that the automatic zoom is cropping your image, we recommend resizing your image with free apps such as Canva to place your logo on a larger canvas, or PicMonkey’s collage feature to increase the amount of white space around your logo.

Selecting Custom Colors and Theme Colors

To select your background color, choose the blue background tab and then the solid color icon as shown below. Toggle “SOLID BACKGROUND” to ON. This gives you the ability to choose a preset background color or create a custom color to fit your brand exactly.

haiku deck solid colors

Custom Colors

When you tap on the eyedropper icon, you can customize the color of your slide background. Simply tap, or press, hold and move the small circle located on the color wheel to select a color. Pressing and holding the circle located on the square within the color wheel will adjust the color’s saturation and hue.

Tip: If you have the hex code for a color you’d like to use on your slide, tap on the hex code above the color wheel and type in the code.

haiku deck custom colors

Theme Colors and Haiku Deck Favorites

You’ll notice a few new options when you turn on solid background colors for a slide. Tapping on the color palette icon will provide you with a pre-selected group of colors specifically tailored to the current theme you have selected, as well as our Haiku Deck Favorites you’re already familiar with. Simply tap to select your desired color.

haiku deck color palette

Share Your Story

What’s the story behind your brand? Share your decks with us by dropping us a line at – we’d love to see what you create! And if you ever have any questions, our support team is always here to help!

Power Tips: Optimize Your Haiku Decks for SlideShare

November 6th, 2014 by

Haiku Deck for SlideShare

Uploading your Haiku Decks to SlideShare is a breeze — and now you can create them right from SlideShare! Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your Haiku Decks look their best for SlideShare’s 70 million monthly visitors (wow!).

5 Power Tips

1. Include an attention-grabbing title slide.

Make your first slide the title slide — think of it like a headline. This is the first thing your audience will see, and you want to grab their attention.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.53.25 PM

Click here to view the full deck on SlideShare

2. Sprinkle in keywords.

Haiku Decks on SlideShare can draw some serious traffic! Be sure to include your important keywords in your deck title and throughout your slide content.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.43.06 PM

Click here to view the full deck on SlideShare

3. Break out the multiline slides.

SlideShare is a great place to make use of multiline slides, which give you a bit more room to flesh out an idea, showcase an inspiring quote, or capture a mission statement. (Keep in mind that currently Public Notes are not uploaded to SlideShare, so you want to make sure you’re capturing a complete thought on each slide.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.02.31 PM

Click here to view the full deck on SlideShare

4. Optimize your layouts.

Haiku Deck’s different text layouts allow you to customize the placement of your text. For Haiku Decks shared on SlideShare, we favor layouts that place your text toward the middle and top of your slides (this keeps the Creative Commons licensing information from overlapping with your slide text).

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.35.15 PM
Click to view the full deck on SlideShare

5. Include your contact information on the last slide.

When creating and publishing your Haiku Deck on SlideShare, the normal final slide with your contact information will not be displayed. So be sure to add a wrap-up slide with any contact information you’d like to share with your audience. (We actually like to do this for all of our Haiku Decks!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 4.06.33 PM

Click to view the full deck on SlideShare

Your Turn!

Now that you can easily create and share Haiku Decks from either site, there’s no reason not to set your story free! If you’ve shared a Haiku Deck on SlideShare, we’d love to see it — just leave us a comment below.

SlideShare and Haiku Deck Team Up for Presentation Creation and Sharing

November 6th, 2014 by

Millions of Users Can Now Create Beautiful Visual Presentations Directly from SlideShare

Announcing Haiku Deck for SlideShare – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Click to view a version of this announcement created with Haiku Deck for SlideShare

Seattle, WA — November 6, 2014 – Haiku Deck today announced that its popular presentation creation software will be integrated into, allowing SlideShare users to publish beautiful Haiku Decks quickly and easily to the platform’s 60 million global monthly visitors without leaving the site.

SlideShare, a LinkedIn company, is the world’s largest community for presentation discovery and sharing, and Haiku Deck has won a passionate global following for making it fast and simple to produce stunning slides. This new integration brings together the best of both worlds: Create standout slides quickly with Haiku Deck and publish directly to SlideShare. The streamlined login experience keeps the focus on creating outstanding presentation content.

“Our goal at Haiku Deck is to make it 10 times easier for professionals to create decks that are 10 times more effective, in 1/10th the time,” said Adam Tratt, co-founder and CEO of Haiku Deck. “We’re thrilled to help SlideShare users express their ideas and share their expertise through beautiful presentations.”

Haiku Deck for SlideShare makes powerful digital storytelling available to professionals from all disciplines. Presentations are no longer confined to a particular time and place — increasingly they are vehicles for circulating ideas, showcasing expertise, and building thought leadership. Haiku Deck’s streamlined design templates, high-impact visuals, and vast image library — with more than 40 million free, beautiful Creative Commons images — make it easy to communicate ideas powerfully, without design skills or a big budget. Plus, SlideShare’s avid, rapidly growing community makes presentation content instantly visible to the widest possible audience.

Haiku Deck for SlideShare extends and deepens the partnership announced in December 2012, when Haiku Deck added the ability to upload decks  to SlideShare. Since that time thousands of Haiku Decks have been uploaded to SlideShare, and many have been featured on the SlideShare home page.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 3.55.10 PM.png

This Haiku Deck by content marketing agency XPLAIN has received more than 275,000 views on SlideShare.

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About Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck makes it simple and fun to create flawlessly beautiful presentations. Headquartered in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Haiku Deck is a privately held company with the backing of prominent investors, including Trilogy Partnership, Madrona Venture Group, Founder’s Co-op, and Techstars. The Seattle-based startup was founded by Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway. Haiku Deck has been embraced by creative communicators from a wide range of disciplines worldwide; for examples of how people are using Haiku Deck to pitch ideas, teach lessons, tell stories, and ignite movements, visit the Haiku Deck Featured and Popular Galleries, Blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest boards. For additional information and company images, visit

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