Presentation Ideas

Whether you’re a Haiku Deck master or you’re just checking it out, I hope you’re getting the picture that we have a point of view about presentations. Does the world need more lame clip art and bullet points? We say no. Does it need more inspiration, more simplicity and beauty? That’s why we’re here.

I have created probably hundreds of presentations over the course of my career, and I always worked hard (and I mean, really, really hard) to try to make them creative and nice-looking. But I have to say that Haiku Deck completely transformed the way I think about my slides, and I now wish I could go back and redo all those bad decks. Haiku Deck makes me feel more focused and creative, and there’s a spontaneity to the experience that truly makes it fun. I also love being able to work on my slides at a coffee shop, or curled up on a couch, instead of being chained to my desk.

Over the past few months, it has been fascinating to study both what the experts say and what our amazing creative community (that’s you!) creates. I made this Haiku Deck to articulate our core philosophy, and to share 10 tips–simple, concrete presentation ideas– that can help transform your experience and set your story free, whether you’re using Haiku Deck or not. (The Notes are important for this one, so I’m including a linked screenshot instead of embedding my deck. Just click to view the full deck.)

Presentation Ideas: 10 Tips to Transform your Presentations

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes

If you try to make a typical Powerpoint-y type presentation with Haiku Deck, you might feel initially frustrated by the limitations. But if you can understand the why behind Haiku Deck, and open your mind to telling your story in a slightly different way, I think you’ll enjoy the process and open some exciting new creative possibilities.

More Presentation Ideas

Have a question, or some presentation ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a line any time with our support team.