Announcing Haiku Deck Pro

We are excited to share the news that Haiku Deck Pro, our long-awaited upgrade to Haiku Deck, is here!

We’ve been so grateful for your support over the past 3 years since we launched, and it has been incredibly gratifying to see millions of stories set free around the world. Though our core product, now known as Haiku Deck Basic, will remain free, we are at long last introducing a subscription model to make our business sustainable for the long term, and to offer the best new features and functionality to our amazing community of users.

More to Love with Haiku Deck Pro

Here’s what you can do with a Haiku Deck Pro membership:

No need to hire a design pro for your presentations — Haiku Deck Pro is all you need! Haiku Deck Pro may be used across devices (Web app and iOS). As noted above, Haiku Deck Basic will remain free.

We’ve addressed some common questions in our Haiku Deck Pro FAQ, and of course we invite you to get in touch with additional questions or feedback. As always, we thank you for your support through each new chapter of our own unfolding story.


  1. Rule no. 1 for app developers: It’s ok to change your business model. But never, ever betray loyal customers by removing essential features that they already had paid for or that were for free before. Big fail, Haiku!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Chrisoph, and sorry you see it as removing essential features; our core functionality is absolutely free, and this change will allow us to continue to add more new stuff. Also consistent with other similar tools. We’ve been glad to have made these features free for as long as it was possible… With the release of Pro, we’re also adding some cool new features like Zuru beta and last slide custom logo.

  3. I agree with Christoph. I was shocked that you removed the export to PPT / PDF from the free version. Usually introduction of a pro or premium model introduces new features but does not remove what was already standard. It’s a fail. I love Haiku Deck but from now on I’ll be using it only for “quickie” presentations with my students – and not as a basis to work up a more professional presentation (pricing even at $5 per month is too much).

  4. Sorry it feels too expensive Mike, but glad you’ll continue to use Haiku Deck Public. I hope you saw that we offer edu pricing that comes in at half the standard rate. If that’s still too expensive, Haiku Deck Public will allow you to create and share as many public decks as you want. In order to continue to offer that as a free service for millions like you, we are charging Pro subscribers for a few features that many professionals are happy to pay for. If you decide at some point that the new editable export, new custom branding, unlimited storage, and Zuru are of interest to you, you can upgrade any time. Thanks for using the app and for sharing with your students.

    • The education rate is something I wasn’t familiar with so thanks for pointing it out. I have one suggestion which might be sensible. Why not have PDF export in the free version and the editable PPT export with the pro? That might be a good compromise. After all, I can screenshot each slide to make the equivalent of a flat image PDF export. PDF creation is easy even if you force a user to do workarounds. But editable file export is a different beast altogether and could remain a truly pro feature. Thanks for listening.

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