We’ve seen some amazing advocacy and evangelism around Haiku Deck, with fans sending us haikus, blogging about the app, innovating with it, using it to give presentations at conferences, and spreading the word through Twitter chats and events. We decided to make it official by inviting select superusers to become Haiku Deck Gurus.

Meet the Haiku Deck Gurus

We currently have about 25 gurus, representing seven countries and three continents, and they are an amazing, inspiring, diverse bunch!

Haiku Deck Gurus: Areas of Expertise

Decks by our Gurus appear frequently in our Featured and Popular Galleries–Visual Storytelling by photographer and educator Ken Shelton, for example, has been enjoyed by more than 11,000 viewers. School counselor Susan Spellman Cann is one of our most prolific creators, bringing her uplifting messages to deck after beautiful deck. Blogger Wendy Townley created a series of gorgeous Haiku Decks to recap her experience at the Alt Design Summit. Simon McKenzie’s manifesto, the New Mindset, has struck a chord with educators worldwide and is one of the most frequently shared Haiku Decks. Creative marketer Nick Armstrong offers up his own Haiku Deck manifesto, WTF Marketing, on his site.

To date we’ve featured guest Q&As with education Guru Jeremy Macdonald, blogger and entrepreneur Megan Hunt, and realtor John James on our blog. You can also follow our Gurus on Twitter, see more examples of their work on Pinterest, and hang out with them on Google+, where new Guru and new media expert Mark Traphagen is helping us build awareness.

Haiku Deck Guru Program Details

If you’re interested in becoming a Haiku Deck Guru yourself, here’s what we’re looking for, how it works, and how to apply:


Like Haiku Deck, we promise to make the Guru experience simple, beautiful, and fun.

Questions? Nominations? Inspirations? Let us know!