Haiku Deck for Bloggers

Haiku Deck is not just for stand-up-and-talk presentations; it’s also an incredibly easy (and fun) way to add rich content to your blog or website. Photos are one of the best ways to engage readers, and with Haiku Deck you can create killer slideshows like this one in no time flat

10 Ways To Add “Wow” To Your Blog With Haiku Deck – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

(For more detail and links to specific examples, be sure to view the deck with accompanying notes on the Haiku Deck site.)

Step 1: Get Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck for iPad and iPad mini: You can download the free app here.
  • Other platforms: Click GET HAIKU DECK in the top right corner of this page. Add your email and the platform you’d like to request, and you’ll be among the first to try our Web App.

Step 2: Create a Haiku Deck Account

You can sign in with email, Facebook, or Twitter. Be sure to make a note of how you sign in, because you’ll need to sign in to the website the same way.

Step 3: Get to Know Haiku Deck

Here’s a quick video intro to Haiku Deck:

Meet Haiku Deck from Haiku Deck on Vimeo.


  • For inspiration, tap GALLERY to browse some popular and featured decks
  • Tap the + sign at the bottom to create a new deck
  • Try using the built-in keyword image search and using your own images (you can take them with the iPad camera, select from your camera roll, or import from Instagram, Dropbox, and other sources)
  • Try choosing a new theme to change the look of your deck
  • Try creating a pie chart or bar graph
  • Create a deck to introduce yourself
  • Create a list of things you love or things you believe in
  • Create a deck to articulate your personal manifesto

Step 4: Explore More Features and Get Inspired 

Tutorials and Getting Started

Haiku Deck is all about simple, beautiful, and fun. We have tried to make the app as easy as possible to use, but here are some helpful resources.

Blog photos: Ten Tips to Transform Your Presentations

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes

Blog Photos and Visuals

Just type a few words, find a matching (free) Creative Commons licensed photo, and apply stylish formatting with a couple of taps. The app pulls in photo attribution automatically, which is a huge time saver. You can also create a beautiful chart or graph or import your own blog photos from Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, and other services.

Blog photos: Sample haiku Deck pie chart

Sample Haiku Deck pie chart

Content Ideas

Haiku Deck has been embraced by bloggers around the world including Seth Godin — the “Most People” Haiku Deck embedded on his blog is one of the most-viewed Haiku Decks of all time:

Blog photos: Most People, Haiku Deck embedded in Seth Godin's blog

Click to view the full Haiku Deck on Seth Godin’s blog

Embedding Your Haiku Deck

Advanced Resources

Haiku Deck is an awesome way to enrich your blog, drive traffic, and build your audience. Every deck you create can be easily tweeted, posted, and shared across social networks, and the best ones often rack up thousands of views. We regularly feature blogging case studies with our vibrant creative community right here on our blog and in our newsletter, so there’s an opportunity to build your readership through that visibility as well.

Step 5: Join Our Creative Community

If you have more questions about Haiku Deck or need additional materials, we are always here to help! Just leave us a note in the comments.