This awesome tweet got our Friday off to a perfect start:

Maybe the sunshine was making us feel a little giddy, but we thought, wow, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if we tracked Heather down and DELIVERED A PIZZA to her?

This brainstorm quickly gathered momentum around the office, so we did a little Twitter recon to discover that Heather was attending a conference in Boston and that she was planning a happy hour meetup at a downtown brewery. Perfect!

Lisa, our awesome customer evangelist, made all the arrangements. She called the brewery, then she researched a nearby pizza place that had gotten great reviews on Yelp. She placed the order. Everything appeared to be falling into place. At the appointed time, we watched our Twitter feed with anticipation.

Unfortunately, our surprise didn’t quite work out as planned. The pizza guy showed up to a packed bar, and the person Lisa had made the arrangements with was nowhere to be found. Heather was on a tour of the brewery. We called the brewery, but were told no outside food was allowed. By the time we got a manager to agree to hold Heather’s pizzas for her in the kitchen, the delivery guy had left–with the pizzas {cue sad trombone}.

The moral of this story? Surprises are tricky to pull off, especially when you’re working across time zones with people you’ve never met before. Our little pizza stunt was THISCLOSE to being off-the-hook amazing, to totally wowing one of our fans with something unexpected and memorable. But even though it fell flat, our heart was (and is) in the right place.

So maybe cross-country pizza was pushing it, but we do promise to wow you with the things we can control–we are here to answer your questions, help you troubleshoot, and fix things that aren’t working for you.

New Haiku Deck Customer Support Page

We invite you to take a look at our newly revamped Support page, where you can submit a help request in a flash, post a feature request, or share your favorite tips and tricks. We know customer support can be incredibly frustrating–when the person you explained everything to disappears and you have to start over, when you’re told conflicting information, when nobody answers the phone (or the tweet, or the email). Although we’re not perfect, we really do make support a priority–so if you need help, we’re here for you!

Haiku Deck Customer Support Page

P.S. Heather, thanks again for being a good sport about the mix-up—we owe you a pizza!