Ahh, November. The time of year to reflect on things we’re grateful for, score some fun Haiku Deck goodies (keep reading!), and, for those of us inclined, grow magnificent mustaches for charity. (This “Movember ‘Stache Facts” Haiku Deck from Centurion Signs UK is definitely worth checking out.)

At the moment our team is feeling pretty darn grateful for our new office, where we can stretch out a bit and CRANK without incessant leafblowing, afternoon stuffiness, or the lingering aroma of canned fish. Yes, this stuff comes with the territory when you’re a startup, and we didn’t let it distract us from our mission, but still, the change of scenery is really nice.

Gratitude: Our New Headquarters

We are especially grateful for youour incredible creative community, and for every encouraging word, tweet, post, and mention. We are grateful every time you open Haiku Deck to express an idea, share your vision, or make something you need to communicate visual, magical, and memorable.

This week we’ve been creating fun Haiku Decks to share our moments of gratitude — here’s a lighthearted one from Nicka more heartfelt one from Joe, and a short, sweet slide from CatherineNow we’d like to invite you to add your moments, so we can build an epic, collaborative collage of gratitude.

Thankfully… – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

If everyone who reads this could create just one Haiku Deck slide capturing something you’re grateful for, just think how much positive energy would be unleashed into the world! You can mail your slide (or a whole deck if you feel inspired) to gallery@haikudeck.com, or you can tweet it, post it, or pin it with the hashtag #hdgratitude. We’ll be collecting your moments of gratitude until the end of November, and we do have some special Haiku Deck goodies up our sleeves for those wow us.

Sowhat are you grateful for? Tell us in a Haiku Deck slide!