It has come to our attention that yesterday was National High-Five Day, but in our view, one day is simply not enough. We believe every single day should be packed with high-five moments — or, as we like to call them around here, Hai5s.

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We hope you know that everything we do, we do for you!

Our Hai5s to You, Today and Every Day

1. We make it ridiculously easy and fast to create beautiful slides that make you want to Hai5 yourself — and you’ll get Hai5 from your audience, too, for breaking free from the same old, same old. Hai5!

2. If you have a question, an issue, or feedback, we are here to help you out! You can tweet us, search our amazing support forum, or open a support ticket for fast, friendly, personal service from Erin, Lisa, and even Adam. Hai5!

3.  We celebrate your awesome creations by showcasing them in our Featured Gallery, our Popular Gallery, and on the blog. Have a Hai5-worthy deck to share? Hai5! Send us a link at

4. We build real community across social channels with the explicit goal of making helpful resources and examples available for you.

5. We provide all these amazing tools, resources, and support for free, because we believe EVERYBODY, from 1st graders to the CTO of Australia, has amazing ideas and stories to share. Hai5!

5 Quick Ways to Hai5 Us Back

If you love being part of our creative community as much as we love having you in it…..if you love creating jaw-droppingly beautiful slides quickly, for free….if you love supporting a tiny team with big dreams…..

1. Help us win our first Webby Award for Productivity! We’re up against some pretty stiff competition, and this would be a very exciting win for us. Click to vote before April 24 — you can sign in easily with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or email — then click again to confirm your vote. Hai5!

BONUS: Tweet your #Webbys vote between now and April 24 to unlock a secret premium iPad theme or score a coveted Haiku Deck sticker! (And if you already voted, that’s awesome — just tweet your vote again to earn your Hai5!)

DOUBLE BONUS: If we win the #Webbys People’s Voice vote, we’ll make all of our premium themes available for free for a week!

2. While you’re in the groove, you can also vote for Haiku Deck as Startup of the Year in the GeekWire Awards, which honors tech innovation in the Pacific Northwest. No sign-in required for this one — just click and vote before April 27. Hai5!

3. Create a Haiku Deck — for work or for fun. If you haven’t tried making one on the Web App, or if it’s been a while since you used it, give it a try to see how hard our Dev team has been workingHai5!

4. Share your Haiku Decks! The more people see how beautiful slides can be, the less we’ll all have to look at awful ones. And when you see a great Haiku Deck, click the Hai5 hand below it for a feel-good animation that gives a little love back to the deck’s creator. (Fair warning: It’s a little addicting once you start.) Hai5!

Hai5 All Around

If you see a great deck, give it a Hai5!

5. Tell your friends, colleagues, bosses, and neighbors about Haiku Deck. Share it with educators, non-profits, entrepreneurs, trainers, bloggers, and marketers. Let’s work together to fill the world with beautiful stories and ideas. Hai5!

Hai5s all around, today and every day!