Haiku Deck 2.1

We’ve been hard at work making Haiku Deck an even more powerful tool for communication and storytelling. Here’s a quick tour of what’s new in Haiku Deck 2.1:


In-App Public Notes

Our Haiku How-To: Notes Overview video on Vimeo.

Round out your deck with supplemental detail and links to more resources in PUBLIC NOTES, which can now be added right from the app.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Adding public notes

Adding public notes to your deck

Your public notes are published to the web along with your deck, extending the content value of your work. Public notes are a great way to share additional background and details with your audience and make your content more search-engine friendly.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Public notes in web view

Haiku Deck with public notes (web view)

Private Notes

Our Haiku How-To: Notes Overview video on Vimeo.

You can also capture talking points, or even a full script, with PRIVATE NOTES, which you can reference as you give your presentation.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Adding private notes in the app

Adding private notes to your deck

When you connect your iPad to a projector and rotate your iPad to portrait orientation (vertically), your private notes will be visible only to you as you advance your slides. It’s like having your own teleprompter! (Get more tips for presenting like a pro in our Present Mode Tutorial.)

Haiku Deck 2.1: Private notes

Rotate your iPad to view your private notes as you talk

Read more about public notes and private notes.

Image Favorites and History

Our Haiku How-To: Images – Finding, Using and Reusing Them video on Vimeo.

As you’re browsing images, if you see one you’d like to use later, press and hold it until the gold star appears.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Saving image favorites

Press and hold to favorite an image

Tap FAVORITES to see all of your starred images. 

And if you’d like to backtrack, tap HISTORY to see your previous 100 image selections.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Viewing image history

Tap HISTORY to view your previous 100 selections

Premium Images

Our Haiku How-To: Premium Images video on Vimeo.

As you’re browsing images, you’ll now see premium images from Getty Images in the mix. These high-quality, professionally curated images are available for in-app purchase.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Premium images from Getty Images in search results

Premium images from Getty Images in image search results

Once you purchase a premium image, you can use it in any Haiku Deck you create. Tap HISTORY to access your collection of previously purchased premium images.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Viewing previously purchased premium images

Tap HISTORY to view and reuse previously purchased images

If you’d prefer not to see premium images in your search results, you can adjust this setting on the Main Screen.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Adjusting premium image settings

Adjust settings for premium image display from the Main Screen

For more information, visit our Premium Image FAQ.

Copy Slides

You can now save time by copying a slide.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Copying a slide

Tap the gear, then COPY or DELETE

Read more tips for creating and working with slides in our Edit Mode Tutorial.

In-App Tutorial

We’ve added some great new resources you can access right from the app. Tap the ? button from any screen for context-sensitive help, tutorials, and FAQs.

Haiku Deck 2.1: In-App Tutorials

Tap the ? any time for onscreen tips and more help

You can also take a spin through our new tutorials:

  • Getting Started with Haiku Deck: Browsing the gallery, adjusting settings, and creating a new deck
  • Edit Mode Tutorial: Creating and working with slides, adding text and images, adjusting layout, previewing, and saving
  • Present Mode Tutorial: Presenting right from your iPad with or without a projector, using private notes to reference talking points, built-in animations

You’ll also want to check out our completely redesigned Haiku Deck player. It’s hot stuff!

As always, we love your feedback! Drop us a note any time: team@haikudeck.com. And if you have a specific issue or question, visit our Haiku Deck Support page for more tips, tutorials, FAQs, or to submit a help request (which we are always happy to help you with).

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