Exactly one year ago today, we released Haiku Deck in the App Store worldwide, took a deep breath, and waited.

Would anyone notice?
Would anyone care?
Would anyone share our belief that presentations should be more simple, beautiful, and fun?

Four seasons and more than half a million Haiku Decks later, we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the amazing creative community that is flourishing. (That’s you, by the way.)

Here are some highlights, milestones, and a heartfelt thank you, just for you:

The Haiku Deck Movement: Celebrating One Year

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes

We’re so grateful to you for being part of the Haiku Deck movement. Thank you for every deck you have created and shared, for every tweetevery emailevery rating in iTunes.

Here’s to another creative and inspiring year! We can’t wait to kinds of stories you have to set free.