Getting Started with Haiku Deck

Welcome to Haiku Deck–we’re glad to have you in our creative community! Here’s an overview of how to get started from the Main Menu of the iPad app.

Looking for help with the Web AppClick here to go to our Haiku Deck Web App User Guide.

First, here’s a fun video where you can meet Haiku Deck.

When you first open the iPad app, you’ll need to sign in or create a new account to get started. You can create a new account using Facebook, Twitter, or your email address – for more information, check out our article about accounts here.

Important: Be sure to make a note of how you sign in, because you’ll want to sign in to our website and iPad app the same way to take advantage of all the awesome features available between the two.

Sample Decks

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see two sample Haiku Decks: “Haiku Deck In Action” and “What is Haiku Deck?”  Tap the PLAY button in the center of a deck to view it.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Sample Decks

Tap the Play button to view a deck

Just use your finger to swipe left and right to try out the basic navigation and view the slides. You’ll get a sense of the visual style of Haiku Deck, an overview of how it works, and the kinds of things you can create with it.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Swiping left and right to advance slides

Swipe left and right to go forward or back

When you get to the end of a deck, tap the screen, then tap MAIN MENU in the top left to go back.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Final slide

Tap MAIN MENU in the top left to go back

Haiku Deck Gallery

We all need a little inspiration sometimes, and the Gallery is the perfect place to find it. You can view Featured and Popular Decks, hand-curated by our team, on a wide range of subjects. Many new decks are added each week, so be sure to visit it regularly to see what’s new.

To browse outstanding Haiku Decks, head to the GALLERY from the  lower left corner of the iPad app.

iPad; Gallery

View the Featured and Popular Gallery from the iPad app for inspiration.

You can scroll up and down to view the range of decks. If you see a deck you’d like to view, just select it. You’ll see the number of views, category, and social sharing buttons. To go forward or back in the deck, just swipe left or right.

Viewing a Haiku Deck from the in-app Gallery.

To exit a deck you’re viewing, tap anywhere outside of it to go back to the Gallery.

To submit your own Haiku Deck for inclusion in the Gallery, email a link to!

Creating a New Haiku Deck

Now you’re ready to set your story free! To create a new deck, tap the white “+” at the bottom center of your iPad screen.

Tap the + to create a new deck.

Tap the + to create a new deck from your iPad.

Type a title to get started.

Tip: you can change the title of your deck at any time from the Main Menu on your iPad — just press and hold anywhere in the title until the cursor appears.

Press and hold until the cursor appears to edit a title.

Press and hold until the cursor appears to edit a title on your iPad.

When you’re finished titling your deck, you can tap RETURN. Then, you’ll automatically enter EDIT MODE. (To keep going, visit the Edit Mode Tutorial.)

Navigating the Main Menu

To scroll through your decks, simply swipe left and right with your fingers.

Swipe left and right to scroll through your decks.

Swipe left and right to scroll through your decks.

To delete a deck, tap the x in its top right corner.

Tap the x to delete a deck.

Tap the x to delete a deck.

Adjusting Main Menu Settings

From the main menu , you can also adjust the settings for commercial images, auto-capitalization, and premium image display.

Adjust settings in the Main Menu.

Adjust settings in the Main Menu.

In-App Help

Just head to the ? any time for context-sensitive onscreen tips, tutorials, and FAQs.

Tap the ? for onscreen tips.

Tap the ? for onscreen tips.

For more help, check out our quick guide to using Haiku Deck!

Other Resources:

Now….time to set your story free!