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This special Haiku Deck tutorial will walk you through presenting your deck right from your iPad.

Looking for help with the Web AppClick here to go to our Haiku Deck Web App User Guide.

Looking for help with the iPhone App? Click here for steps specific to the iPhone.


There are four ways to present your deck using your iPad:

1. Directly from your iPad: This is ideal for sharing a Haiku Deck pitch or portfolio with a small group in an informal setting: At a coffee shop, across a table, on a plane, etc. Bonus: No special equipment needed!

2. Using your iPhone as a remote control. If you’d like to manipulate your deck from your iPhone, you can connect your iPhone to your iPad as a remote with the Haiku Deck app for iPhone.

3. With a projector and a VGA adaptor: If your presentation will be projected to a larger audience, you can connect your iPad directly with a VGA adaptor. (Tip: We recommend always bringing your own, and labeling it with your name!)

4. With AppleTV: If your venue is equipped with AppleTV (or if you have your own), you can project right from your iPad without being tethered by a cord.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Presenting with Apple TV

Tap the AirPlay icon to connect to Apple TV


Picture this: You’re up in front of the crowd; you’ve displayed your Twitter handle and the event hashtag on your first slide (nice going!), you’ve started talking, and all of a sudden the top of your screen starts blowing up with Twitter notifications. Trust us, you don’t want this. Here’s how to prevent it.

Go to your iPad’s Settings app, and turn Do Not Disturb ON. To be on the safe side, also turn the Notification Center OFF.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Adjusting iPad settings for Haiku Deck

In iPad Settings, turn Do Not Disturb ON and Notification Center OFF

If You’re Using Your iPhone as a Remote

Under the Settings app on both devices, you’ll want to make sure you’re connected to the same WiFi network. If you’re not, you’ll want to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.

Entering and Exiting Present Mode

To preview or present your deck from the Main Screen, select your deck, then tap the PLAY button.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Playing a Haiku Deck from the main screen

From the Main Screen, tap the Play button to present your deck

From Edit Mode, tap the first slide of your deck, then the PLAY button in the top right corner.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Presenting a Haiku Deck

From EDIT mode, tap the Play button to present your deck

To go back to the Main Screen, pinch with two fingers (or tap the screen, then tap MAIN SCREEN in the top left corner).

To go back to Edit Mode, double-tap any slide (or tap the screen, then tap the EDIT icon in the top right corner).

Presenting Your Deck

Advancing Slides

To present your work, simply swipe with your finger to advance your slides. You’ll notice a cool scrolling “parallax” effect that makes your presentation look polished.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Present Mode

Swipe left to advance; swipe right to go back

Viewing Private Notes

If you’ve added talking points or a full script using the private notes feature, simply turn your iPad (or iPhone) to portrait orientation (vertically) to reference your notes as you talk. Your notes will be visible only to you and will not be projected on the screen. It’s like having a personal teleprompter!

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Private notes in Haiku Deck

Hold your iPad vertically to view your private notes as you talk


If your presentation includes bar charts and pie charts, your data will automatically display dynamically with a sleek animated effect.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Animated pie chart in Haiku Deck

Pie charts and bar charts will automatically animate as you present

Tap for Emphasis

You can tap individual data points in a bar chart or pie chart for emphasis as you talk.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Emphasizing a data point in Haiku Deck

Tap a data point as you talk to emphasize it

Viewing Image License Information

To view image license details, tap any slide, then tap the logo in the bottom right corner.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Viewing image license info in Haiku Deck

Tap the logo to view image license details

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Viewing image license details in Haiku Deck

Tap the info icons to view the photographer’s photo stream and more image licensing details

After Your Presentation

More Haiku Deck Help

You can tap the ? any time for onscreen tips, context-sensitive tutorials, and FAQs.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Onscreen help in Haiku Deck

Tap the ? for onscreen tips and more help

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Now….time to set your story free!