I had a great Google chat with Kent Gustavson last week, and he inspired me to share helpful Haiku Deck “hacks” with the community. Here’s one I used quite a bit this week to prepare my board update deck!

Building charts with a swipe of the finger on an iPad is pretty darn magical, but if you’ve ever had trouble dragging a Bar Chart data point to the exact value you want, try this:

1. Select Pie Chart, and tap DONE.

2. Switch the toggle on the right from % to #.

3. Type in the values for each of your data points. (Tap + in the center of the pie chart to add new data points.)

4. Tap the blue Image icon, then tap Bar Chart to switch the chart type.

The data you entered will now be displayed in a Bar Chart. (This method also works for editing existing Bar Charts — just change to Pie Chart, update the values, and change it back.)

What’s your favorite #haikudeckhack? Let us know in the comments!