Haiku Deck Classroom Partners with Google Education at ISTE

Haiku Deck’s trip to ISTE was a success! Our partnership with Google Education gave us the chance to connect with educators from around the world. We learned more about teachers’ needs and the unique ways they use Haiku Deck Classroom.

Google Booth at ISTE

In the Google Education booth we shared tips and tricks with teachers, technology coaches, and school administrators from all over the United States and as far away as New Zealand. They learned the various ways Haiku Deck is integrated with Google Classroom and how it benefits students.

Google Booth at ISTE

Google for Education now features Haiku Deck in their new Chromebook App Hub, built for teachers and students. Our Chrome-optimized web app is closely integrated with Google Classroom roster sharing, Google Sign-In, YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

Haiku Deck Classroom is simple and affordable to use with a classroom management dashboard; course galleries for reviewing presentations; sharing with LMS systems; and subscriptions that work across hand-held devices, Chromebooks, and web browsers.

Our app encourages best presentation practices by helping students simplify their message and present data clearly. Learning is fun with photo and video embed features and access to over 40 million Creative Commons licensed images. Our tool automatically imports image attribution, promoting good digital citizenship. Discover what teachers and students have to say about Haiku Deck in the classroom:

Haiku Deck Classroom

Haiku Deck Classroom Brings Haiku Deck Presentations to Students and Teachers

With back to school season in full swing, we couldn’t be happier to announce a brand-new offering for educators, Haiku Deck Classroom.  Over the past 4 years, we’ve seen over a hundred thousand teachers, librarians, and education technology professionals from 15,000 schools (from primary to universities) embrace Haiku Deck. They use the app for creating inspiring lessons on any topic, teaching presentation best-practices, and even running curriculum nights or staff meetings. We built Haiku Deck Classroom to bring the full power of Haiku Deck Pro to educators and students in a way that’s easy and, more importantly, affordable even for teachers on the tightest of budgets.

Haiku Deck Classroom makes all the features of Haiku Deck Pro available to educators and students, including unlimited presentation creation, advanced privacy settings, offline viewing and printing, and YouTube video embedding. The subscription applies to use of Haiku Deck’s award-winning web, iPad, and iPhone apps. Here’s a 1 minute video introduction of Haiku Deck Classroom:

Additional features include:

    • Classroom Management Dashboard: Educators can easily add and remove students from their classroom by email address.
    • Mobile and Web-Based: Educators and students can create or view Haiku Decks on the web, iPad, or iPhone.
    • The option of Google Classroom integration: Educators who use Google Classroom may import users from and share decks directly to Google Classroom.
    • The option of using Google Sign-In: Haiku Deck now supports Google sign-in, for students without an email address.
    • Course Gallery: Students can share Haiku Decks to a classroom gallery, making it easy for teachers to review and evaluate work.
    • Share to LMS: Students can easily share their Haiku Decks to Classroom Management Systems like Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Edmodo, and more.  

Haiku Deck Classroom is offered at an introductory price of just $99/year for a teacher and up to 150 students with the option of adding student licenses. Department, school, and district pricing is also available.

To learn more about Haiku Deck Classroom and to purchase or upgrade, visit or for technical information about the product, please visit the Haiku Deck Classroom section of the Haiku Deck user guide.

As with all product updates, we’d love to hear your feedback! Please drop us a line if you’ve got questions or ideas for ways we can improve Haiku Deck Classroom in the future.

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