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Haiku Deck Announces Support for Windows XP


Seattle Startup Responds Boldly to Office for iOS Launch, Making PowerPoint Alternative Available to Millions of Windows XP Users WorldWide

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Seattle, WA — April 1, 2014Haiku Deck today announced that its popular presentation app will now offer support for Windows XP. The free software brings Haiku Deck’s innovative approach to presentation creation and sharing to more than 300 million Windows XP users worldwide.

Haiku Deck’s streamlined design templates, dynamic HTML 5 output, and vast image library–with access to more than 35 million Creative Commons images–will now be available to diehard Windows XP users, offering an attractive alternative to traditional presentation software.

“Even if you have resisted updating your operating system for the past decade, there’s no longer a need to use presentation software from 24 years ago,” said Adam Tratt, co-founder and CEO of Haiku Deck. “In less time than it takes you to boot your Windows XP machine, you’ll be able to create an amazing Haiku Deck for sharing your new idea, closing a deal, or telling an awesome story. You’ll also have time to make a grilled cheese sandwich and watch two episodes of Matlock.”

In less time than it takes you to boot your Windows XP machine, you’ll be able to create an amazing Haiku Deck for sharing your new idea, closing a deal, or telling an awesome story.

Haiku Deck has demonstrated strong momentum since the launch of its iPad app in August 2012 — the app has millions of users and has ranked #1 in productivity in more than 50 countries worldwide. The Haiku Deck Web App offers full support for syncing from iPad to Windows XP, as well as future bug fixes and security updates for Windows XP users worldwide.

The Haiku Deck Web App is available to all Windows XP for free at or on 3.5” floppy disks upon request. To receive a faxed copy of the Haiku Deck Web App User Guide, please contact

About Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck makes it simple and fun to create flawlessly beautiful presentations. Headquartered in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Haiku Deck is a privately held company with the backing of prominent investors, including Trilogy Partnership, Madrona Venture Group, Founder’s Co-op, and Techstars. The Seattle-based startup was founded by Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway. Haiku Deck has been embraced by creative communicators from a wide range of disciplines worldwide; for examples of how people are using Haiku Deck to pitch ideas, teach lessons, tell stories, and ignite movements, visit the Haiku Deck Featured and Popular Galleries, Blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest boards. For additional information and company images, visit

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Adam Tratt

Haiku Deck for Desktop: Announcing the Haiku Deck Web App Beta

It’s been a whirlwind year for us, culminating this month in a new product development that we are so excited to share with you, our amazing creative community, before anyone else.

Haiku Deck Web App Launch – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Ever since we launched Haiku Deck for iPad, the most common question we hear from you is, “When can I use Haiku Deck on my computer? When will there be Haiku Deck for desktops, PCs, and Macs?

And the answer is: Now! Haiku Deck Web App Beta is available now for all Haiku Deck account holders!

Here’s everything you need to get started:

We’re calling this Haiku Deck Web App “Beta” because we’re still working hard to make it as full-featured as Haiku Deck for iPad. Each week we’ll be adding new functionality to the Web App, and we really appreciate your patience as we continue to improve it. We’ve included a Feedback button in the app so you can help us identify issues and share your thoughts.

As a special thank you for joining us early, we’ve also built a way for you to invite your friends to the Beta before it becomes available to everybody. To earn invites for your friends, simply use the Web App to create and share decks. Each deck you email, post, or embed earns you an exclusive invite code you can share. (New users can also request an invite to the private beta.)

Thanks again for helping us to fill the world with more amazing stories and beautiful ideas. We wouldn’t be here without the amazing support and invaluable feedback of our community. We are grateful for your help in trying out the Web App and sharing with friends, and as always, you can drop us a note with feedback any time.

P.S. A special Hai-5 to those who’ve been helping us test the Web App over the past few weeks!

Presentations Online: How the Haiku Deck iPad App and Website Work Together

Stunning presentations online and on your tablet: The two parts of the Haiku Deck experience—the iPad app and the website—go together like sushi and sake, like Sonny and Cher, like…–website-go-together-like

(OK, perhaps we need a snack. Moving on…)

You can certainly create a Haiku Deck right on your iPad and show it off the same way over a power lunch or in a plane, but from our perspective, your Haiku Deck is not experiencing its full glory until you’ve completed these three steps. (Note: For a completely contained web experience, be sure to give our Web App a try.)

Step 1: Create

If you’re on the go or feeling spontaneous, you can exercise your creative genius on the Haiku Deck iPad App. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to make this experience feel fluid and magical, through the dynamic image search and interfaces that keep typing to an absolute minimum. Instead of being chained to your desk to “work” on a presentation, you can “play” with your Haiku Deck whenever and wherever inspiration strikes–curled up on the couch, on the subway, over a cappuccino. (Tip: If you need more help with creating or editing a Haiku Deck, start with the Haiku Deck Tutorial.)

With the Haiku Deck Web App, you can also start a deck at your computer. This is particularly handy if you have images stored on your computer that you’d like to import, or if you’d like to include Notes and prefer to type on a full-sized keyboard.

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