Stunning presentations online and on your tablet: The two parts of the Haiku Deck experience—the iPad app and the website—go together like sushi and sake, like Sonny and Cher, like…–website-go-together-like

(OK, perhaps we need a snack. Moving on…)

You can certainly create a Haiku Deck right on your iPad and show it off the same way over a power lunch or in a plane, but from our perspective, your Haiku Deck is not experiencing its full glory until you’ve completed these three steps. (Note: For a completely contained web experience, be sure to give our Web App a try.)

Step 1: Create

If you’re on the go or feeling spontaneous, you can exercise your creative genius on the Haiku Deck iPad App. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to make this experience feel fluid and magical, through the dynamic image search and interfaces that keep typing to an absolute minimum. Instead of being chained to your desk to “work” on a presentation, you can “play” with your Haiku Deck whenever and wherever inspiration strikes–curled up on the couch, on the subway, over a cappuccino. (Tip: If you need more help with creating or editing a Haiku Deck, start with the Haiku Deck Tutorial.)

With the Haiku Deck Web App, you can also start a deck at your computer. This is particularly handy if you have images stored on your computer that you’d like to import, or if you’d like to include Notes and prefer to type on a full-sized keyboard.

Step 2: Save

When you’re ready to set your story free (which we wholeheartedly encourage), there are a few ways to save your work. You can return to the MAIN MENU with the button in the top left, or use the SHARE, EXPORT, or PLAY buttons in the top right corner in edit mode. If you tap SAVE or EXPORT, you’ll be prompted to verify your deck’s title, specify the privacy setting, and select one or more categories.

Presentations Online: Publishing a deck from your iPad

Haiku Deck for iPad: Publishing your deck

This step makes your creation accessible and editable on the Haiku Deck website and generates a dynamic link—think of it as saving your presentations online so you can access them from any device, edit them on the web, and have them backed up on the cloud. (Remember that you always control the privacy setting.) This step also makes powerful features like downloading PDFs of your slides available.

If you’re creating using the Haiku Deck Web App, your decks will save automatically.

Step 3: View or Edit Presentations Online

Sign in to the Haiku Deck website (the same way you sign in to the iPad app) to unlock the full Haiku Deck experience. Check the top right corner–if your name is appearing, you have successfully signed in. Click your name, then My Decks, to view all the decks you’ve published to date.

Presentations Online: Sample My Decks View

Sample “My Decks” view

Under each deck, you’ll see how many times it has been viewed. (Tip: Want more views? Share your deck across all your social networks, and don’t be afraid to re-share regularly! Each Haiku Deck you create is a valuable content asset that you can keep linking to.)

Click the PLAY button on any deck to view the online version of your deck, with Public Notes or in fullscreen present mode. Here you can also:

Click EDIT on any deck to open it in the Haiku Deck Web App. This is a great place to add or edit public notes if you haven’t done so already, to complement your slide text and to make your content richer (and more SEO-friendly!).

More Haiku Deck Help

If you have more questions, we’re here for you! For more Haiku Deck Help, please visit our support community.