Teachers, counselors, administrators, librarians, technologists — we are inspired daily by the tremendous inspiration and generosity that you bring to our creative community.  

To say thank you to our teachers, who we know often spend their own hard-earned money on classroom supplies, we’re making our premium iPad themes available for free all week long.

Just open up the iPad app beginning now through May 10th, tap Themes, select any locked theme showing a green $ in the corner, and tap buy for $0.00.

And since–naturally–we do everything in Haiku Deck form, here are a few fun teacher appreciation ideas to celebrate our amazing educators, this week and every week.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

{Come to think of it, how about some teacher appreciation Haiku Decks? After all, there are only so many picture frames and coffee mugs that can fit on a desk, but the only space a Haiku Deck takes up is in the heart….}

Thank you, teachers, for all you do! You have been some of our strongest supporters from day 1, and we’re so grateful for all of the projects you cook up with your students of all ages, the blog posts and reviews you write, the professional development sessions you host, and the Haiku Deck shout-outs you give at Twitter chats, EdCamps, and, really, everywhere you go!

Know a teacher who uses Haiku Deck, or should be? Be sure to spread the love!