This week we’re announcing our #hdbestof2013 Decks of the Year winners! Thank you for all of your comments, votes, emails, and shares — and a special thank-you to the creators of these amazing and inspiring decks.

Best Idea Sharing: “The Trust Economy,” by Mark Traphagen

In this thought-provoking Haiku Deck, Haiku Deck Guru Mark Traphagen builds on ideas from Rachel Botsman, with a case study from AirBnB, to support the message that “in the new connected economy, trust & reputation will be more important than industrial capital.”

We love how Mark paired big, bold visuals and the Five Seven Five Theme with detailed Public Notes to really bring the idea to life, and the huge number of votes he received is evidence that the message resonates. Congratulations, Mark!

Click to view Mark’s full deck with notes, and be sure to check out all five of the best idea sharing finalists if you missed them before.

#hdbestof2013 Best Idea Sharing: The Trust Economy

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes