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Our power users have discovered that Notes are an awesome way to add richness and supporting detail to Haiku Decks that are published to the web, turning their presentations into shareable, evergreen content assets. Here are a few great reasons to add Public Notes to your Haiku Decks:

If you’re using the latest version of Haiku Deck for iPad or the Web App, you can add Public Notes as you create your slides.

How To Add or Edit Public Notes from the Web

You may find it easiest to type your Public Notes at your computer using the new Haiku Deck Web App. Just sign in and head to GALLERY/MY DECKS (or email yourself a link). Click NEW DECK, or hover over a previously published deck, then  EDIT DECK. (Tip: If your deck was created using an older version of the iPad app, you’ll need to republish your deck to allow web editing.)

To add Notes to any slide, simply click the yellow Notes icon and type your text.

Tip: To include a hyperlink, be sure to use the full http:// format. If you’re including a long URL, consider using a link shortener such as bitly to keep things tidy.

Content Assets: Adding public notes to a Haiku Deck

Adding a public note in the Haiku Deck Web App

 How To Add or Edit Public Notes from the iPad App

Here’s a quick demonstration video:

Our Haiku How-To: Notes Overview video on Vimeo.

When you’re in Edit mode, choose the slide you’d like to add notes to, then tap the yellow Notes icon. (You can learn about Private Notes, which turn Haiku Deck into a personal teleprompter, here.)

Turn Presentations into Content Assets: Adding public notes to a Haiku Deck

Tap the yellow Notes icon to add public notes

Next, simply use the white pane on the left to type to add your notes.

If you’d like to include a hyperlink, be sure to use the full http:// format. It will be clickable when your deck is published to the web.

When you’re finished, tap the keyboard button in the bottom right corner.

Turn Presentations into Content Assets: Adding public notes to a Haiku Deck

Type your notes, then the Hide Keyboard button

Tip: For iPad 3 users, Public Notes supports Siri voice-to-text functionality–just talk and let Siri do the typing.

Adding rich content to Haiku Decks using Siri

On iPad3, tap the Microphone button to speak your notes

When your deck is complete, your public notes will be published to the web along with your slides, like this:

Enriching Haiku Deck content with public notes

Haiku Deck with public notes appearing in web view

You can also easily turn your Haiku Deck with Public Notes into a stylish PDF handout.

More Ways to Extend the Value of Your Content

  • See some outstanding examples of Haiku Decks with public notes here.
  • If you’ve kept your deck private while you were working on it, be sure to change your privacy setting to PUBLIC once your story is ready to set free. Read more about privacy settings here.
  • Be sure to share your decks across your social networks regularly. You’ll be amazed at how many views great content can accumulate over time. Check out the top ways to share your Haiku Decks here.
  • Broaden your audience by uploading your deck to Slideshare. Read about our Slideshare integration here.
  • Submit your best work to gallery@haikudeck.com, or tweet it with the hashtag #hdgallery, and we’ll consider including it in our Gallery or our Pinterest boards.

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