Haiku Deck Web App

You say it the best! Here’s why the most recent beta invite requesters want the Haiku Deck Web App.

ipad friendly
Awesome app!
Nick Armstrong
I’m a pres designer so I love new ways to create!
Use it to present strategic plans for clients
Build support for projects at work
Storyboard for videos/docu/movies
http://mashable.com/2013/08/19/presentation-apps/? 1
would be very useful.
Just starting law school
I saw you on mashable
thesis defense? maybe?
Share with teachers in college
Erin Michael Vondrak invited us
Create presentations on a PC
Help my kindergarteners create decks.
I am a designer and have clients who work with HD
have students create haiku decks
Creative pitches
You followed us on Pinterest–and I love your work
Get myself a job!
Use it at my monthly mobile group sessions
Promote open education & Creative Commons
It will be great to have it for android too
use for marketing project
I’m on WINDOWS… show me some love.
Promote Haiku Deck in staff development workshops
a tweet
I am a teacher who wants more than power point
I am a teacher interested in using it with student
I give teacher Professional Development workshops
You we’re featured on Mashable
Haiku/buuteeq partnership
because Haiku Deck is awesome!!!
EASILY add my own pics stored on DropBox!
make my sermons more engaging
As a preacher
Create pitch deck
Get students to not be bored in my class!
Quickly build slides for meetings and discussions
I present internationally at conferences 🙂
Be able to share ideas in a fun and creative way.
Technical Training for Realtors
Do more with Haikudeck and integrate into efforts
Steve PEHA
Read about you in INC. magazine
Have attended Haiku Deck talks at Edcamps
Business Plans
use in research
will be using @ a high growth startup
Create Decks interchangeably on iPad or desktop
Train end-users in real estate to use Haiku Deck
I love it!
use off my macbook air
waiting for the web app
I’m an early user
Saw you present at buuteeq! Want to make content!
I train teachers on presentation design
to try haiku deck for presentations
from a brother who used haiku deck in his talk
Love it!
Gostaria que a minha apres. do tcc seja diferente.
I use Haiku Deck mainly for running meetings!
make abstract concepts visually engaging and fun
the sky is the limit!
To Pitch my business
teach students to make engaging presentations
Recommend Haiku Deck to Educators
Colleague recommended it.
Create discussion starters for class
use in an job interview
Family Fun/Creative Outlet
let my students make them
I’m writing an article about its use
I don’t feel like I’m doing real work on my iPad!
Potentially interested in working for you guys!
Loved all the sharing you did for me/PLAYDATE L.A.
The app is currently not available in my country
present in our Kids Teaching Kids project
slider on my portfolio website
Get teachers on board with the app
A professor
PPT fails to engage people
I have a TEDxSFU talk in Sept and want to use HD
New idea to provide our speakers.
Real Estate marketing!
the ingenuity of Adam Tratt
Twitter ed mentions & ISTE
Andrea Meyer
Present Yourself book by Kit Seeborg
Learn how the product works
reading about it on Twitter
I am unalterably attracted to beauty and simplicity
Technology coordinator researching apps
very persuasive CEO
Send presentations to students
Bunch of coworkers use HD at Zillow. Jealous.
Support our PlaydateLA sponsor
learn alternate platforms to ipad
Use HaikuDeck to brainstorm with my mktg clients
I often present on a book I’m writing.
I will launch the best business accelerator in BRZ
Include Haiku Deck in Poynter’s dig. tools catalog
New Leaders requirement
use to illustrate book talks
create a deck to present a new business venture
for homework
Want presentation alternatives for my company
on my Android divice.
Love cool new tools.
all that it has to offer!
Very popular with #etmoocers.
I love the app on my ipad3 & I want try it on mac
steve peha and I are working on a presentation together
Professional development for teachers
perhaps as a visual resume
An email from you
Would like to test it out for use on websites
Need inspiration & new ideas – collaboration!
show teachers how to use it
Mentioned by Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds
Don’t own an ipad and I’ve been excited about it!
Need for Android

What’s your reason? Let us know!