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Presentation Templates with Pizzazz

All About Haiku Deck Themes

As you know, when it comes to presentations we like to do things a little differently, and frankly, we’re not a big fan of typical corporate presentation templates. When you try to pack in logos and branding onto every slide, you end up taking up a lot of valuable space–and, in many cases, tuning your audience out.

In our view, your story should inspire your look. Playing with different fonts, image filters, and color palettes is a fun part of the creative process, and Haiku Deck’s one-tap themes make it incredibly easy to do just that, without a bunch of fiddling around with fonts and spacing.

Creative Inspiration

The Haiku Deck theme collection has been professionally (and lovingly) designed to make it easy to create beautiful, polished, easy-to-read slides in a wide range of styles. Think of it like trying on sunglasses–with a little patience, you’ll find the perfect theme to suit your unique style and mood.

Around here we all have our go-to themes. I am partial to Tabletop and Zissou, Adam favors Starship and Cinematic, and Kevin often chooses Five Seven Five or  Kalamazoo (which is his hometown, after all). But we all also like to push our creative boundaries and let our content inspire our theme choices.

For example, when I’m making something for work, like this press release, I often like to go with a really crisp, modern theme like Volterra.

Bringing More Beauty to Presentations – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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Haiku Deck Tutorial: Getting Started

Getting Started with Haiku Deck

Welcome to Haiku Deck–we’re glad to have you in our creative community! Here’s an overview of how to get started from the Main Menu of the iPad app.

Looking for help with the Web AppClick here to go to our Haiku Deck Web App User Guide.

First, here’s a fun video where you can meet Haiku Deck.

When you first open the iPad app, you’ll need to sign in or create a new account to get started. You can create a new account using Facebook, Twitter, or your email address – for more information, check out our article about accounts here.

Important: Be sure to make a note of how you sign in, because you’ll want to sign in to our website and iPad app the same way to take advantage of all the awesome features available between the two.

Sample Decks

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see two sample Haiku Decks: “Haiku Deck In Action” and “What is Haiku Deck?”  Tap the PLAY button in the center of a deck to view it.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Sample Decks

Tap the Play button to view a deck

Just use your finger to swipe left and right to try out the basic navigation and view the slides. You’ll get a sense of the visual style of Haiku Deck, an overview of how it works, and the kinds of things you can create with it.

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Haiku Deck Tutorial – Edit Mode

Edit Mode

This Haiku Deck tutorial, the second in a series of three, will walk you through creating, editing, and saving slides.

If you’d like to start at the very beginning, visit Getting Started with Haiku Deck.

Looking for help with the Web App? This post is exclusive to the iPad app, but you can click here to go to our Haiku Deck User Guide, which covers both apps.

Entering Edit Mode

If you’re creating a new deck, you’ll enter Edit Mode automatically once you give your deck a title and tap RETURN. (Tip: Tap the + at the bottom of the screen to start a new deck.)

To edit an existing deck, simply swipe left or right on the Main Menu to select the deck, then tap EDIT.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Editing a deck in Haiku Deck

From the Main Menu screen on the iPad, tap Edit

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Haiku Deck Tutorial: Present Mode

Present Mode

This special Haiku Deck tutorial will walk you through presenting your deck right from your iPad.

Looking for help with the Web AppClick here to go to our Haiku Deck Web App User Guide.

Looking for help with the iPhone App? Click here for steps specific to the iPhone.


There are four ways to present your deck using your iPad:

1. Directly from your iPad: This is ideal for sharing a Haiku Deck pitch or portfolio with a small group in an informal setting: At a coffee shop, across a table, on a plane, etc. Bonus: No special equipment needed!

2. Using your iPhone as a remote control. If you’d like to manipulate your deck from your iPhone, you can connect your iPhone to your iPad as a remote with the Haiku Deck app for iPhone.

3. With a projector and a VGA adaptor: If your presentation will be projected to a larger audience, you can connect your iPad directly with a VGA adaptor. (Tip: We recommend always bringing your own, and labeling it with your name!)

4. With AppleTV: If your venue is equipped with AppleTV (or if you have your own), you can project right from your iPad without being tethered by a cord.

Haiku Deck Tutorial: Presenting with Apple TV

Tap the AirPlay icon to connect to Apple TV


Picture this: You’re up in front of the crowd; you’ve displayed your Twitter handle and the event hashtag on your first slide (nice going!), you’ve started talking, and all of a sudden the top of your screen starts blowing up with Twitter notifications. Trust us, you don’t want this. Here’s how to prevent it.

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