Save Time for Fun

The great Walt Mossberg once commented that Haiku Deck saves people so much time it will raise the GDP. And we hear frequently from our community that they can’t believe how quickly they can create something that looks amazing.

Here are five ways Haiku Deck helps you save time.

1. Fast photo finding

New Haiku Deck Guru Bill Seaver created his very first Haiku Deck, “Presenting (In a Nutshell),” in about 10 minutes (!) using the app’s built-in Creative Commons image search. This feature will save time by finding you free, high-quality, perfectly sized images and pulling in the proper attribution automagically. (Check out Bill’s original post, Haiku Deck: Beautiful, Easy iPad-Built Presentations).

Presenting (in a nutshell) – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

2. Fuss-free formatting

We’ve heard from a bunch of people who made their first Haiku Deck under time pressure as a result of a dead laptop, a disastrous PowerPoint crash, or a ticking deadline clock. A consistent theme is that the app’s one-step formatting and automatic font sizing make decks look polished without a lot of fiddling. When Meghan Rihanek turned to Haiku Deck in a pinch at Startup Weekend, “Everything just flowed.” Read how she created a standout pitch in short order.

3. Dead-simple data display (iPad Only)

When you make a chart in Haiku Deck for iPad, there are no linked spreadsheets or complicated formulas. You just use your fingers to drag each data point to the correct size. We are wowed by how first and second graders made amazing Haiku Deck charts to plot the views their equally amazing class Haiku Decks have received. We’ve collected more simple, standout charts and graphs on this Pinterest board.

5 Ways to Save Time with Haiku Deck: easy charts and graphs

Haiku Deck for iPad: Sample bar chart created by 1st and 2nd graders

Note: We are working to make charts and graphs available in the Haiku Deck Web App!

4. Speedy sharing

When you create a killer piece of content like Jonathon Colman’s “What I Carry: My Ten Essential Tools for Success,” it’s a big time-saver to get it out there quickly without worrying about file sizes, attachments, and the like. This increases the likelihood your Haiku Deck will get featured on the Slideshare home page or even picked up by Huffington Post. (Hai-5, Jonathon!)

What I Carry – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

5. Deck duplication

Real estate guru John James, who scored a big listing by wowing his potential clients with a Haiku Deck, recently made use of the copy decks feature to modify his pitch for a new opportunity. “I put it all together in a very short amount of time and handed it off to my team partner since I was out of town,” he noted. “The clients were very impressed and we got the listing!”

We hope that keeping things simple with Haiku Deck leaves you a little more time for the fun stuff:

Save Time with Haiku Deck – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Note: The ability to copy decks in the Haiku Deck Web App is coming soon!

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