Haiku Deck + Getty Images

We believe strongly in the power of images to tell stories and communicate meaning. Our powerful image search puts millions of beautiful, high-quality, Creative Commons-licensed (free) photos at your fingertips, and those will always be available to you in both our iPad and Web Apps.

In our quest to make Haiku Deck even more useful and powerful as a storytelling tool, we have partnered with Getty Images–one of the world’s premier image collections–to make premium images available in Haiku Deck for iPad. This allows us to offer an even wider range of incredibly high-quality images.

Because Getty’s collection is vast and professionally curated, we think you will be delighted (as we have been) by the improved quality, variety, and accuracy of the image search results with premium images in the mix. Here’s a deck that showcases some of the new premium images:

The Haiku Deck Way – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

We are making these premium photos available to you for easy purchase within the iPad app, without the hassle of creating a separate account, wondering about file sizes, or trying to decipher licensing agreements. Like everything we do, we’ve made it very simple: buy a premium image with a couple of taps, right from the app, and you’ll be able to use it any Haiku Deck you create.

Our Haiku How-To: Premium Images video on Vimeo.

Adjusting Settings for Premium Images

We hope this new library of images will inspire your creativity and help you take your projects, pitches, and communication pieces to the next level, but if you’d prefer not to see premium images in your search results, you can easily adjust your Settings from the main screen.

Haiku Deck 2.1: Premium images from Getty Images now available

Haiku Deck for iPad: Adjust the display of premium images from the main screen

Right now, premium images are available only in Haiku Deck for iPad, but we hope to add them soon to our Web App!

We invite you to check out our Premium Image FAQ, or contact us with questions or feedback any time with our support team. Here’s to even more, and more beautiful, stories!