It turns out Love Note Day is sometime next week (who decides these things, anyway?) but we just can’t wait that long. We need to shower our fans with some love right now.

Last Friday afternoon, we released a new version of Haiku Deck, and poof! All the glowing comments and 4&5-star reviews pretty much vanished into thin air. Suddenly, all we had showing was a couple of spammy reviews claiming that Haiku Deck was a complete waste of $$ (umm, it’s free). Meanwhile, this awesome write-up of Haiku Deck in Fast Company Design was sending tons of people to iTunes to check us out, and it just didn’t look good.

We put the word out, and wow, did our community deliver. Fans–even very new fans–took the time to click through to iTunes and add their comments. We got our 4-star average back in a matter of hours. On the weekend!

To each of you who helped us out, thank you. And really, to every single one of our fans, thank you for being so crazy amazing, every single day. Thank you for tweeting to us, writing to us, writing about us, telling your friends about us, and sharing your ideas. Thank you for every single Haiku Deck you have published. We are doing our best to keep up with it all, but just in case we missed you, thank you. This one’s for you:

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