2013 Decks of the Year Finalists: Best “About Me”


As the year draws to a close, we want to acknowledge and showcase the many amazing, inspiring decks that have been created by our community in 2013. We’ve selected ten categories, and each day beginning December 16th, we’ll reveal the five finalists in two of those categories.

Best “About Me” Haiku Deck

As anyone who has received the “What’s Your Story?” welcome when you create a Haiku Deck account has seen, Haiku Deck is a unique and fun way to introduce yourself. Our eighth Decks of the Year category recognizes a few of our favorite examples from 2013.

1. A Story in Twelve Facts, by Sara Lingafelter

Born at sea level and raised by hippies, digital strategist Sara charts her professional journey from the mountains of Nepal to the University of Washington with wit and flair. One of our favorite slides describes the difference between an extrovert and a “very social introvert.

Click to enjoy Sara’s story in twelve facts, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for Best “About Me” Haiku Deck!

Sara Lingafelter In Twelve Facts – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires; “A Story In Twelve Facts,” by Sara Lingafelter[/caption]

Mr Walnut Grey’s profile – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires; Mr Walnut Grey, by Gerard McGuickin

Design writer and blogger Gerard McGuickin shares his background, inspiration, accomplishments, and philosophy in this uber-stylish Haiku Deck, created with the atmospheric Orwell theme. He showcases artful photographs of his favorite spots in Belfast and explains why grey is an essential part of his identity.

3. “About Me,” by Rafranz Davis

“Hyperfocused tinkerer” and high-energy Haiku Deck Guru Rafranz Davis offers a fascinating glimpse into her mathematical mind in her “About Me” deck. One clever pair of images shows how kids come as a blank canvas and leave calculating the world. (Bonus points for her clever use of charts to illustrate her approach to math tinkering and time thinking mathematically.)

Click to see how Rafranz goes beyond the textbook math talk, and share it with the hashtag #hd2013 to cast your vote for clever math tinkering!

About me – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires; /> “About Me,” by Rafranz Davis[/caption]

4. “About Me,” by Stephanie Bell

Though she’s been told she’s too nice to be a lawyer, Jefferson City attorney and Haiku Deck Guru Stephanie Bell reveals that she likes arguing and winninga lot. She’s also a passionate advocate for her community — read more about how she rallies support for community events with Haiku Deck here.

Click to find out what it’s like to be a rugby wife, mom, lawyer, and community blogger, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to show your support for Stephanie and #JCMO!

Stephanie S. Bell – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires; /> “About Me,” by Stephanie Bell[/caption]

5. Communications and Me, Peter McKiernan

Communications and marketing strategist Peter McKiernan gives his “About Me” deck a professional focus, framing it with the important question “Why should you listen to me?” He touches on his background, his blog, and his philosophy (while also demonstrating Haiku Deck–ok, we’re kinda suckers for that.) He also incorporates humor and clever imagery to bring his expertise into focus.

Click to see Peter’s favorite advice from Elmore Leonard and find out what’s special about Ukiah, California — and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for best “About Me” Haiku Deck!

communications and me – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires; “Communications and Me,” by Peter McKiernan[/caption]

Cast Your Vote!

Don’t forget to help select the winner and bring more visibility to these creative “About Me” Haiku Decks by adding a comment below, sharing your favorite with the #hdbestof2013 hashtag, or dropping us a line at We’ll select one winner from each category to receive a special Haiku Deck prize (and, of course, creative bragging rights)!

Tips for Creating Your Own “About Me” Haiku Deck

Why not tell your own story in a Haiku Deck? Here are a few resources that might be helpful.



  1. Stephanie Bell — love your Haiku Deck! You are that and so much more!

  2. Stephanie-Your deck definitely describes who you are!

  3. Mr Grey all the way!

  4. +1 for Mr. Grey

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