We are feeling especially grateful for our amazing community — you continue to wow us with your creativity, cleverness, and inspiring messages. Thank you to all who participated in our #hdgratitude contest, whether you tweeted, submitted a single slide, or created a whole deck! You are all awesome! And you can’t help but smile and be inspired when you see the collective images of moments of gratitude all together.

Best Deck Winner

We loved everything about this stylish deck from Meghan Zigmond, who scored a Haiku Deck t-shirt and a premium theme pack for her creativity. This is one of the best uses we’ve seen so far of the Illuminati theme. We also love how she mixed her own images with Creative Commons images.


Best Deck Runner-up

OK, I’m a sucker for cute cat pictures — who isn’t? I really liked how she used black and white cat photos throughout to give her deck a cohesive feeling. Hai-5 Kerri Fitzmaurice, who scored her choice of a Haiku Deck t-shirt or a premium theme pack.


Favorite Slides

I loved this use of imagery, as well as the inspiring message. Thank you so much, Margaret Powers!

Haiku Deck Gratitude contest winner: The Wonder of Learning

This totally made me smile. (And yes, I’m super proud of my freakishly awesome kids, too!) Yay, Jessica Collier!

Haiku Deck Gratitude Contest: Thankful for freakishly awesome kids

And who wouldn’t love this one? So adorable, Joan Young!

Haiku Deck Gratitude Contest: Thankful for a baby's sweet smile

As is this one. Yay for grandkids, and grandparents! Thank you for sending, Lisa Heuvel.

Haiku Deck Gratitude Contest: Thankful for grandchildren

Haiku Bonus

Erik Sala gets extra credit for submitting his entry in the form of a haiku. We love it! (See more Haiku Deck haikus here.)


Most Repinned Deck

Our very own mobile developer Joe Kramer‘s heartfelt deck really lit up Pinterest! Take a look, and you’ll adore him as much as we do.


Most Viewed Deck

We also want to give a special Haiku Deck Guru shout-out to the warm-hearted Susan Spellman Cann, who fills the world with one inspiring message after another. (Don’t miss our special profile of her.)


Even though the official contest has closed, we’d love to see more Haiku Deck moments of gratitude! You can tweet, post, or embed them…or email them to gallery@haikudeck.com any time.