We always love hearing from customers about all of the interesting ways they’re using Haiku Deck to share their ideas, tell their story, sell their products, and update their teams. When we recently heard from President of Language Network, Jordan Evans, we were inspired to learn more about how he’s using Haiku Deck to help others and to grow his business. Then when we saw the topic of his latest Haiku Deck, “Grow your Business with Less Stress and More Success,” we knew this was a story our community would want to learn more about. Here’s our interview:

Before we begin, can you tell me more about Language Network?

Language Network, is a language solutions company providing on-demand human translation and interpreting services to over 3000 organizations. We pr

Jordan Evans

Jordan Evans, President, Language Network

ovide professional language services in 200 languages with clients across healthcare, government, non-profits, and private businesses. We primarily serve customers in North America- as there is a growing need for language support since over 20% of the US population speaks another language in their home other than English.

And what is your role there?

I am President of Language Network. It is my responsibility to help our team better serve our customers with accurate and reliable translation. Our business is human powered so it’s imperative to work with great people that believe in our mission. My day is spent removing hurdles in our process, recasting our vision as a company, and meeting with customers to see how we can impact their organization in a positive way.

What types of presentations do you create?

I spend a lot of time crafting presentations for public speaking events, our internal team meetings, and for educating our customers.

When presenting I often speak on providing language access in your organization or sharing best practice with other businesses in our industry on how to grow. Recently, gave a presentation on the Five Fundamentals to Grow your Business with Less Stress and More Success.

5 Fundamentals to Grow your Business with Less Stress and More Success – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Recently, I spoke for over 2 hours after my presentation with attendees.  The feedback on the presentation was tremendous and people loved the slides!

What do you do to get ready for a successful presentation like that?

Haiku Deck allowed me to outline my talk using the “Presentation” template. I cut down massive time in formulating my talk and creating the deck. I write out the bullet points of my talk and record myself presenting from those bullet points. I then get to work creating a slide for each big idea.

My rule of thumb is spend about 30 mins of preparation and practice for every 1 minute of presentation time. (ex: 30 minute presentation requires 900 minutes or 15 hours of preparation). What’s amazing about Haiku Deck is it greatly reduced the preparation time to create the deck and I could focus energy on speaking and dry-run presenting.

You mentioned that you also recently used Haiku Deck for a board presentation. How was this process different from pulling a talk together? How did it go over?

Board Decks can be pretty dry. I made sure to follow Haiku Decks templates and imagery to make the deck a lot more engaging.  For graphs or technical slides I downloaded the editable PPT and added them with ease.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us Jordan! Do you have a story or idea you want to share with the Haiku Deck creative community? Drop us a line any time!