Last week Team Haiku Deck was in full effect at the always-amazing Seattle Interactive Conference.

Monday, we helped coach the finalists for the AT&T Wearables Hackathon. The teams, who had worked all weekend to build their projects, had less than 24 hours to create their pitch decks, so we encouraged them to keep things simple, use high-impact visuals, and work storytelling into their presentations to capture and hold attention.

Tuesday, we attended the final presentations of the Hackathon ideas and were psyched to see Team GoalPhysics (Joan Jasak, Arunabh Verma, and Roger Hosto) light up the room with their presentation, created entirely with the Haiku Deck Web App. (Team GoalPhysics went on to take third place!)

Hackathon Ideas: Haiku Deck at Seattle Interactive Conference

Joan Jasak presenting GoalPhysics at the SIC Hackathon Finals

Team lead Joan Jasak commented:

“Haiku Deck is a godsend!  We had 48 hours to develop a functional app from scratch – and just a few hours to put together the presentation before a panel of judges. It took me less than an hour to create a polished multimedia presentation with Haiku Deck. This gave me enough time to develop the verbal presentation. And because I had time to practice presenting the Haiku Deck, I was comfortable on stage. Not only was the presentation a success, it turned what could have been a stressful and terrifying  experience into a fun one. Seriously – thanks Haiku Deck!”

“It took me less than an hour to create a polished multimedia presentation with Haiku Deck.”

We also had a chance to catch up with Maria Dykstra, who helped craft this beautiful Haiku Deck to announce the launch of Parllay. (Special shout-out to Friend of Haiku Deck Evonne Benedict for spotting Haiku Deck in the wild!)—engagementscale

Wednesday, our very own Adam Tratt shared his Secrets of a Killer Pitch to a packed room. We tweeted coffees as prizes for audience participation and even built a Haiku Deck right in the room based on the Uncorked board game, an audience member’s fledgling business. Here’s a great recap from Wunderman’s Dionne Gonzales, as well as Adam’s slides:

It was a memorable, action-packed week, and we loved being part of it! Huge thanks to Brian Rauschenbach and team for organizing such a kick-butt event.

P.S. Looking for help bringing your own hackathon ideas or business concepts to life? The Startup Pitch Template Haiku Deck by Jeremy Caplan is a *great* place to start.