Little elves, also known as Kevin, have been hard at work to make Haiku Deck even better for you. Behold, the highlights of the latest version…in Haiku Deck form (naturally):

If we didn’t add the feature you were hoping for yet, please rest assured that there’s plenty more exciting stuff in the works! We value your feedback and suggestions tremendously, so please keep them coming–and thank you for your patience.

That said, we think this new version (now with integrated image support for Dropbox and Google Drive) is pretty snappy, and we invite you to download it, try it out, send us feedback, and (prettypleaseandthankyou) review it in iTunes. Whenever we release a new build we have to re-build our ratings and comments, and every one helps, a lot. If you do write us a review, please let us know in the comments so you can be immortalized in our Haiku Deck Hall of Fame!

And–as always–we are grateful for your support. In case you missed it earlier, here’s how we feel¬†about our amazing fans.