When it comes to your experience with Haiku Deck support, the team here has a few specific goals:

  • Personalized support: even if we write you back before our morningly coffee, our responses won’t leave you wondering if you’re dealing with a robot.
  • Speedy solutions: like Clark Kent rushing off to save the day, we often drop everything to save you from presentation peril. (Yes, I just compared answering emails to being a superhero from another planet. Shush.)
  • Proactive empowerment: a fancy, shorter way of saying “we like putting the answers out there so you can find them without needing to wait for us.”
  • Simple, beautiful, fun: we try to take the same approach to support as we have for Haiku Deck, by keeping our support as user-friendly as we can.

Having started reading this post because of its enthusiastic, promising subject line, you’re probably thinking: “that’s great and all, but what’s new?” Well, in the spirit of the goals above, I just finished making some huge changes to our support site — and I’m really excited to share them with you! Here are the updates I love the most:

There are all sorts of nifty little updates here and there, so you should go find the rest of the changes for yourself (remember that whole ‘proactive empowerment’ thing?). If you’re looking for new tips and tricks, or running into trouble, take our new support portal for a spin – just click the HELP button in the top right corner of our website anytime!