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We’ve tried to make Haiku Deck as simple and intuitive to use as possible, but here’s our ultimate resource guide to help you get started. If there’s a question we didn’t answer, visit our support community or let us know in the comments! We’re always here to help.

New to Haiku Deck? Check out our Quick Guide to using Haiku Deck here!

Get to Know Haiku Deck

Here’s quick video intro to Haiku Deck:

Beginning Resources

Tip: If you need a little help, simply head to the “?” for quick in-app assistance.

The “?” provides in-app help.

Videos: Haiku Deck iPad App Tutorials

Using Images and Visuals

All About Notes

Save, Publish, and Share

Blogging with Haiku Deck

Presenting Your Haiku Deck


More Resource Guides


If we didn’t answer your question here, you can visit our support community anytime for quick, and personalized, help.

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  1. My selected theme won′t apply?

  2. Is there any Undo available?

  3. How can I change the size of the text I write, or write more than one line? (If much text it becomes automatically so small).

    • Hi Simon! We’ve built the app to automatically adjust the size based on the amount of text. It definitely works best when you limit the amount of text—and it’s usually good creative practice, too, to keep your message focused! Our next release will offer more flexibility in terms of how much text you can include.

  4. where do you find the notes version

  5. How do I emal my powerpoint

  6. Very time I try to share my PowerPoint it says there is an error

    • Hi James-Really sorry about that. We discovered this yesterday and have already written up a fix; we’re just waiting for it to go live in Apple. Should be in the next day or so. Apologies for the blip!

    • James, the fix is now live in the app store. Try updating the app to version 2.1, and you should be all set. Thanks so much for your patience!

  7. Hello
    is there anyway to create a textless slide as I only want one word per slide for the project I am working on. Also can you tell me hoe to turn of the auto cap for text. Thank you

    • Absolutely–you can just choose to leave one or more of the text fields blank, and they will not appear at all in your finished deck.

      You can turn auto-capitalization off from the Main Screen, Settings wheel in lower right corner.

  8. Hi, im struggling to share a deck from the new app. Error message & try later advice repeatedly. Is there a way i can export to ppt another way? Thanks.

    • Hi Tim–Really sorry about the hiccup. Yesterday we identified a problem with republishing existing decks, and we already have a fix written up—just waiting for the update to post through Apple. You should be able to share with no problem within the next day or so.

    • Hi again! The fix is now posted in the app store. Try updating to version 2.1 and everything should work just fine now. Sorry for the blip; we really appreciate your patience! (And, of course, let us know if this doesn’t do the trick.)

  9. Everytime I try to write any text, it goes right up and out of sight, and I can’t see what I’m writing anymore.

    • Raul, are you using a Bluetooth keyboard? We have a known bug, the fix for which has been submitted to Apple for review. It will be released ASAP. in the meantime, disconnect your keyboard and the problem should go away. Thanks for using Haiku Deck. Reach us next time at

  10. Pamela hubert

    March 8, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    When I share the deck I just created only 2 of the 13 slides are transmitted

    • Hi Pamela–Sorry for the glitch. We discovered a problem with republishing existing decks yesterday, and we’ve already submitted a fix to Apple. It should be available in the next day. You should be able to publish new decks just fine in the meantime. Thanks so much for your patience!

    • Pamela, the fix is now posted in the app store. Try updating your app to 2.1 and then try again! Sorry for the inconvenience, but it should be smooth sailing now.

  11. If you’ve been having issues publishing a deck you created before, be sure to grab the latest and greatest version from iTunes here:

    Thanks so much for your patience! And if you need help, drop us a line any time: support (at) haikudeck (dot) com.

  12. This app has a nice feel, and I wish it success. There are a few things that come to mind from my first exploration of the online help: 1. Add a search feature. 2. How do you put music in a deck? 3. I wish there was a “back” button while browsing.

    • Me too. A back button would be very useful

    • Hi, and thanks for the note! We will have a search feature for the online help very soon. And the back button is a great idea; we’ll add that to our list! We’ve seen some users adding music by exporting their decks to PPT/Keynote, then iMovie (or similar). We’ll try to cover this on our blog soon!

  13. I love this app – good job! I do wish I could choose more than one pic without having to re-enter my search word, though, and then add my text in after. Is there already a way to do this?

  14. Hello, Haiku Deck. For me (and I suppose others) to be able to use this a lot more efficiently we need a few more things:
    1. Integration with Google Drive. I need to be able to add things from GDrive because i don’t save things anywhere else. I am almost positive you will get more users if you do this.
    2. Ability to add video (Youtube or GDrive) and audio or mp3 (could also be from GDrive so as not to have to save anything on your server).

    I understand the present philosophy of “keeping it simple” but there are times where we need to add other things, and that you can treat those things as if they were a photo (reshaping, moving, etc.).

    i am a professor, and I would start promoting your app with my 300 some students that I have, but these things need to be added first. I appreciate your comprehension. Thx.

    • Hi Jason, and thanks for the note! We really appreciate your feedback.

      1. You actually can import right from Google Drive now! Just click the camera icon, then select Google Drive to pull in your own images, screenshots, etc. And if you Export to PPT/KEYNOTE, the app will generate an email you can send to yourself. Just press and hold on the file attachment to save that right to Google Drive.

      2. We are looking at video & audio integration. In the meantime, here are a couple of workarounds we recently posted on our blog:,

  15. How do I print a deck easily?

    • Hi Nick! From the website, you could click DOWNLOAD, then PDF, and print that. Or from the app, you could choose PPT/KEYNOTE and create an export file that you could print.

  16. Is there a way to type several lines of text without creating a bulleted list or maybe two or three list levels? I am a student in English Education and create a lot of presentations for mini-lesson workshops for several different classes. Often, I need to have a few slides with some resource information or backgroud information which leads up to current lesson presentation. I want to put a list of three or four website description/title with the link below it and/or story titles with one or two line descriptions, simply to explain where I am at in the larger unit plan that a particular lesson I am presenting comes from. If I try to do this in Haiku Deck, then I end up having to create seperate slides for each website/book, or I end up with one of two probelms: bulleted lists with two many bullets or text that is too small to read if I leave it all together. As this is simply background information to give other student teachers an idea of where a single lesson (say a reader-response lesson) fits into a larger unit and what story/website resouces I have found useful in planning for an entire Unit Plan as well. However, I don’t want to give each background resource a seperate slide, because this seems to misplace emphasis for the presentation. On the same hand, I don’t want the list to look goofy with titles & descriptions/website links all bulleted at the same level or have text that is too small to read.

  17. Is there a way to add more than one picture? If not, I think that would be a good thing to add.

    • Hi Andra! Do you mean include slides with more than one picture, or be able to select multiple pictures for multiple slides at a time? (Both good ideas and things we’ve thought about).

      • I was thinking about adding more pictures to one slide. So there is no way to do that?

        • Not from right in the app—but you could use a different program to create a side-by-side image, take a screenshot, and import that image to Haiku Deck. It’s something we’ll consider for the future, though!

  18. I have spent about an hour working on a presentation. While I was adjusting one of the last photos, everything disappeared. I can’t find it. Is it gone?

  19. I would be interested in more editing options for the text. I would like to be able to change the color, font, or size of a word within a sentence. Thanks for your consideration!

    • Hi Katherine–Thanks for the suggestions; we’ll pass these on to the design team to consider. Thank you for using Haiku Deck!

  20. Hi, why cant i update the change of my slides on my itunes when ive made changes to it ? ASAP reply. Help is much needed

    • Malcolm, sorry you’re having trouble. Could you send a link to your deck to support (at) haikudeck (dot) com so we can take a look and help you out?
      Catherine Carr
      VP of Marketing, Haiku Deck
      Join our creative community! Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

    • Hi Malcom, I’m not sure I understand your question, but it’s probably that after you make changes to your Haiku Deck you have to publish it again in order for the changes to appear online. I hope this helps! Contact if there’s more we can do to help you out.

  21. If you don’t save to the web, is there any risk your presentation on the ipad gets lost?

    • HI Alessandra–Your presentation is saved on your iPad as you go. Saving to the web makes it viewable from any web-enabled device and also gives you a backup in case something happens to your iPad.

  22. How can you add speaker notes on the ipad?

  23. Hello haiku deck How do I edit a file that i haven’t saved ??? ASAP reply

    • Hi Kelly–You can edit your Haiku Deck any time you like from your iPad. Your work is saved as you go. Please let us know if you have any more questions at support (at) haikudeck (dot) com!

  24. Hello, I’ve added side notes to a presentation I created using the website but its not updating to my ipad app even tho it’s saved. How do I get it to update to the app?

    • Hi Rameh–Right now the notes you add live only on the website and are not pulled in to the app itself. But stay tuned for in-app note functionality; that is coming soon!

  25. Hi, I want to retrieve a slide that I edited over, I went onto the graph slides and it cancelled or replaced the slide I was on. My presentation has been shared via Haiku Deck, I have also sent it to friends email, could I get them to send it back to my email? Colin.

    • Hi Colin–Sorry to hear you lost one of your slides. Did you republish your deck? If so, all versions would have been automatically updated. If not, we might be able to help you recreate your slide. Could you forward a link to your deck to support (at) haikudeck (dot) com? Thanks!

  26. Love this App.Clean,lite,powerful! Wasted hours trying to convert MS PPT pres to show on my i-pad. Took me far less time to ‘master’ Haiku Deck and create an even more powerful pres, that was so simple to distribute via emailed link. One question, How can I change the order of the slides, if I later add something (currently on the end) that makes the sequence seem disjointed? Eg, I wanted to add an intro slide, but couldn’t work out how to add anything new, anywhere else other than the end. Must be an easy way, surely? Maybe it’s just me looking for an over complex method? Answers please : )

    • Hi Chris! So glad to hear you’re enjoying Haiku Deck. And yes, we have a quick, easy answer for you–just press and hold the slide, then drag it to the new position.

  27. can you add music to your slideshow?

  28. How can we put music into a presentation?

  29. Hello, I like the simplicity – but I really need multi line text. I am working with the browser deck as I don’t have a mac – how do I add longer text blocks across more than one line?

  30. Hi is there a way to add sound to a slide and how can I change font on a slide?

  31. kathlyn cabanilla

    December 4, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    how do you add music to haiku deck?
    I’m curious since I’m creating a presentation in class and its on music mashups , i’d like to give an example of of a mix.

  32. Hey how do i change font size and have a picture that isnt my background, it can get frustrating when i search for a picture, put it into my presentation, and it is automatically made the background

    • Hey Zack,

      We don’t provide traditional font sizing controls in Haiku Deck. If you want to make your text smaller, you can add spaces. If you want to make your font bigger, you can remove words. Also, make sure to explore the different slide types found under the red “Tt” button in edit mode. This gives you some options for slides that require more words than the default header/subheader slide type.

      As for images, at the moment we only support the full-bleed background image. There is a slide type that lets you insert a small circular image embedded in the background image or a solid color background. This is also found under the “Tt” button.

      More here:

  33. urgent – I can’t move my photos on haikdeck.I want to make slide 45 as slide No.1. How do I do this. Please, please help. Haikudeck seem to tell you everything except the most basic needs

    • Sean, just “grab” the slide and drag it to the new position — the basic motion is the same on then iPad and in the web app. Hope that helps!

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