This week we’re announcing our #hdbestof2013 Decks of the Year winners! Thank you for all of your comments, votes, emails, and shares — and a special thank-you to the creators of these amazing and inspiring decks.

Best “How To” Haiku Deck: “The Thank You Effect,” by Greg Meyer

We live and breathe this every day (be sure check out our amazing support forum if you haven’t already), but we think this “how to” Haiku Deck is impressive for both its scope and its thought-provoking tips. From “Commit Random Acts of Wow” to “Eat Your Own Dog Food,” customer experience expert Greg Meyer offers up dozens of “small actions that prompt meaningful next steps to measurably improve service in any company.”

Click to find out how to improve customer service by inspiring the thank you effect, and be sure to check out all five finalists to learn how to sell a home in a hot market, scope a project effectively, draw a cartoon face, and supercharge your productivity!