More Fun Stuff in Haiku Deck 2.0

If you’ve already mastered charts and graphs, resized your images, learned how make lists, and tried out the new, streamlined publishing flow, here are a few cool new features of Haiku Deck 2.0 that you can access from the Main screen.

Copy Decks

Haiku Deck already saves business users so much time that Walt Mossberg once commented the app would raise the national GDP, but pitches and presentations can now be easily modified for a new client, event, or meeting. Just tap and hold to copy a whole deck. (John James and Greg Bamford: This one’s for you!)

Copy a Haiku Deck with a long press

Copy a deck with a long press

Lowercase Text

In our original release of Haiku Deck, we kept things simple with uppercase text for most of our themes, but if that doesn’t work for you, you can now turn auto-capitalization off from the Main screen. Just click the Settings icon in the lower right corner, then toggle the filter ON or OFF.

Toggling Auto-Capitalization On and Off in Haiku Deck

Toggling auto-capitalization on and off

Commercial Images Filter

This feature is not new, but it’s in a new place. Haiku Deck puts millions of beautiful, high-quality, Creative Commons-licensed images at your fingertips. Some Creative Commons licenses specifically exclude commercial use, so if you’re creating a Haiku Deck to use for business purposes, it’s a good idea to set this to ON. Simply tap the Settings icon, then adjust the toggle.

Haiku Deck Gallery

Looking for a little inspiration? Click the new GALLERY button in the lower left corner to see the best Haiku Decks from our awesome community of creative thinkers. Tap Featured Decks to see informative, inspiring decks from a wide-range of topics, hand-picked by our team. Choose¬†Most Popular to see the week’s most viewed decks. (Tip: To submit your deck for consideration, email us a link to, or tweet it with the hashtag #hdgallery.)

Browsing the Haiku Deck Gallery, right from the app

Browsing the Haiku Deck Gallery, right from the app

What new features would you like to see in the next version? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Is there a way to make the slides advance automatically?

    • Hi Lorian! On your iPad, playback mode is designed to work with a simple finger swipe. In the web view of your deck, you can click the “play” arrow in the lower left corner for an automatic playback. (You could of course access this view from your iPad if you prefer.)

      • I don’t like that. I want to be able to press play from the app and have my presentation loop. Great app, but I’m disappointed in the lack of a full-screen, hands-free presentation mode.

  2. I just spent a good bit of time creating a Stations of the Cross presentation for Holy week. I was thrilled with the variety of images available! It all went very well and it looks great – EXCEPT that the accompanying Bible verses can’t be read beyond the first line :(. I’m puzzled that the program allows text to be entered, but that it can’t be viewed on the slide. I was planning to share this at a dinner tonight, but, alas, it will have to be reworked before it can be shared. Again, great artwork!

    • Hi Barbara! Thanks for your note. Could you send us a link to your deck so we can check out the issue you’re having with the slide text? team (at) haikudeck (dot) com.

  3. The grey contrast bar is darker than necessary for many pictures. It would be helpful to have 2-3 lighter shades (for more transparency).

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