Note: For getting-started Haiku Deck help, be sure to check out the Haiku Deck Tutorial and How the App and Website Work Together.

There are a lot of great reasons to share your decks online and lots of different ways to do it, but sometimes there’s a little confusion surrounding this topic. Note that sharing your Haiku Deck is part of our free offering, Haiku Deck Basic.

We thought we’d put a little resource together to help shed some light on this topic so you can easily set your story free!

3 Ways to Get Started Sharing:

  1. From within the Haiku Deck Editor
  2. From your User Profile Page (web) or Main Screen (iPad app)
  3. From the Deck Playback Page

Sharing from within Haiku Deck Editor:

To share your Haiku Deck from within the editor, open your deck and look in the top right corner for the share icon.

Haiku Deck Share Button

Share from main screen

After you tap this button, you’ll be presented with a range of options for sharing via various social networks. If you want to embed your deck in a blog, use the HTML option. Also note, we now support adding to Google Classroom along with other common social networks. COPY LINK option puts a link to your deck on the clipboard so you can easily paste it directly into an email or into a social post elsewhere.  Note that the “allow reuse…” checkbox allows others to copy your deck into their own gallery for editing. This is a great way to collaborate with colleagues, classmates, or others who might want to work with or remix your presentation content.

Haiku Deck Share Options


Sharing from your Profile Page and the iPad App Main Screen:

To share from your profile page on the web, sign in at and look for the options below your deck.

share from profile page

To share from your iPad Main screen, look for the share button here shown on each deck:

ipad share button


Share from Deck Playback Page:

The share controls on the deck playback page are found to the left of the slides as shown below. Note that hovering over the “+” sign reveals more choices for sharing to LinkedIn, Google Plus, Google Classroom, and for embedding your Haiku Deck in a blog.

playback share

Here are some great ideas for using Haiku Deck with various social networks:

Facebook: Post memorable birthday messages, one-of-a-kind photo albums, or other creations you’re proud of directly to Facebook. If you haven’t yet configured a Facebook account in your iPad Settings, you’ll be prompted to do so.

Twitter: Don’t forget to share your amazing stories and ideas to Twitter! Again, you’ll be prompted to configure your Twitter account in iPad Settings if you haven’t already.

Email: If you’d like to delight a small group or your 15,000-member email list with a beautiful Haiku Deck, by all means, do so.

Post to Blog: Tap here to grab an HTML or WordPress embed code, right from the app. You can still get one from the Haiku Deck website, of course.

PPT/Keynote: Tap here to generate an email with an attachment that you can open with recent versions of Powerpoint or Keynote. Tip: If your deck has a lot of slides and you don’t receive the email, try this.

Copy URL: New! Tap here to paste a link to your Haiku Deck right to your clipboard.

Google Classroom: New! Submit Haiku Deck assignments directly to your Google Classroom with this button.

Of course there are many more ways to share from the Haiku Deck website. You can read about them all here.

Publishing updates to your deck, or changing privacy, etc.

If you’ve published a Haiku Deck and later want to make a change, no problem! You can make any changes you like easily update your deck. The best part is that any links you’ve sent out already (including blog embeds) will automatically point to the updated version.

Simply click the SHARE button in the top right, and then click DETAILS at the top and click CONTINUE until you see the green DONE button.

You can also click SHARE in the top right and then click DETAILS or PRIVACY at the top to make changes to the deck description, category, or privacy.

More resources:

Check out our Haiku Deck Web App User Guide, Part 7: Saving, Sharing, & Publishing Your Deck here.

More Haiku Deck Help

If you have a question or need more help, we’re here for you! Drop us a line any time here.