Haiku Deck Help: Sharing your Haiku Deck

Note: For getting-started Haiku Deck help, be sure to check out the Haiku Deck Tutorial and How the App and Website Work Together.

There are a lot of great reasons to share your decks online and lots of different ways to do it, but sometimes there’s a little confusion surrounding this topic. Note that sharing your Haiku Deck is part of our free offering, Haiku Deck Basic.

We thought we’d put a little resource together to help shed some light on this topic so you can easily set your story free!

3 Ways to Get Started Sharing:

  1. From within the Haiku Deck Editor
  2. From your User Profile Page (web) or Main Screen (iPad app)
  3. From the Deck Playback Page

Sharing from within Haiku Deck Editor:

To share your Haiku Deck from within the editor, open your deck and look in the top right corner for the share icon.

Haiku Deck Share Button

Share from main screen

After you tap this button, you’ll be presented with a range of options for sharing via various social networks. If you want to embed your deck in a blog, use the HTML option. Also note, we now support adding to Google Classroom along with other common social networks. COPY LINK option puts a link to your deck on the clipboard so you can easily paste it directly into an email or into a social post elsewhere.  Note that the “allow reuse…” checkbox allows others to copy your deck into their own gallery for editing. This is a great way to collaborate with colleagues, classmates, or others who might want to work with or remix your presentation content.

Haiku Deck Share Options


Sharing from your Profile Page and the iPad App Main Screen:

To share from your profile page on the web, sign in at and look for the options below your deck.

share from profile page

To share from your iPad Main screen, look for the share button here shown on each deck:

ipad share button


Share from Deck Playback Page:

The share controls on the deck playback page are found to the left of the slides as shown below. Note that hovering over the “+” sign reveals more choices for sharing to LinkedIn, Google Plus, Google Classroom, and for embedding your Haiku Deck in a blog.

playback share

Here are some great ideas for using Haiku Deck with various social networks:

Facebook: Post memorable birthday messages, one-of-a-kind photo albums, or other creations you’re proud of directly to Facebook. If you haven’t yet configured a Facebook account in your iPad Settings, you’ll be prompted to do so.

Twitter: Don’t forget to share your amazing stories and ideas to Twitter! Again, you’ll be prompted to configure your Twitter account in iPad Settings if you haven’t already.

Email: If you’d like to delight a small group or your 15,000-member email list with a beautiful Haiku Deck, by all means, do so.

Post to Blog: Tap here to grab an HTML or WordPress embed code, right from the app. You can still get one from the Haiku Deck website, of course.

PPT/Keynote: Tap here to generate an email with an attachment that you can open with recent versions of Powerpoint or Keynote. Tip: If your deck has a lot of slides and you don’t receive the email, try this.

Copy URL: New! Tap here to paste a link to your Haiku Deck right to your clipboard.

Google Classroom: New! Submit Haiku Deck assignments directly to your Google Classroom with this button.

Of course there are many more ways to share from the Haiku Deck website. You can read about them all here.

Publishing updates to your deck, or changing privacy, etc.

If you’ve published a Haiku Deck and later want to make a change, no problem! You can make any changes you like easily update your deck. The best part is that any links you’ve sent out already (including blog embeds) will automatically point to the updated version.

Simply click the SHARE button in the top right, and then click DETAILS at the top and click CONTINUE until you see the green DONE button.

You can also click SHARE in the top right and then click DETAILS or PRIVACY at the top to make changes to the deck description, category, or privacy.

More resources:

Check out our Haiku Deck Web App User Guide, Part 7: Saving, Sharing, & Publishing Your Deck here.

More Haiku Deck Help

If you have a question or need more help, we’re here for you! Drop us a line any time here.


  1. When I use Publishing function in 2.0, something wrong. If i create an empty presentation, it works. but when i publish my elder presentation which include several pages, it didn’t work. What’s wrong?

    FYI: i come from China

    • Hi John! Sorry for the glitch—we discovered a problem with republishing older presentations today. We’ve already authored a fix and we’ll have it out to you as soon as possible. This should be resolved in a day or two. Thank you so much for your patience!

    • Hi again, John! We’ve posted the fix to iTunes. If you update your app to version 2.1, everything should work just fine. Thank you so much for your patience! Here’s the link to update:

      • hi, Haiku Deck,
        I have tried v2.1. I have publish my older presentation ,thanks for your hard work, I use this cool APP to make a cool presentation . but A issue I encountered, when I try to publish my 13 pages presentation, error occurs 12th page or 13th page, I’m not sure. so I delete 2 pages, it works. you know, I am in china, so I am not sure network issue.

        • Hi John–Hmmm. Sorry you’re still having trouble. Feel free to contact us at support (at) haikudeck (dot) com so we can help you get this resolved. Thank you!

  2. If you’ve been having any issues publishing an existing deck, be sure you have the latest and greatest version. You can grab it right here:

    And please don’t ever hesitate to drop us a line at support (at) haikudeck (dot) com!

  3. Jennifer Gingerich

    March 10, 2013 at 9:17 am

    “You’re using on a school iPad that doesn’t have access to email or
    social media. This is a new issue we learned about since we launched.” This is great for working with students on shared ipads without email! So some clarification… do you need to setup a Haiku deck account before publishing or can you publish and get the URL without an account? I need to know how to help teachers who have shared ipads in their classrooms and want to use this app. If teachers setup a “class” account that all students publish to, can that easily be switched to a different teacher account when the ipads travel to a new classroom?

    • Hi Jennifer! You will still need to set up one email account at the very beginning. Your idea of having each teacher set up a class account that students can publish to, then switching to a different one when the iPads switch classrooms, should work perfectly. When students publish decks, they can do so directly to the website without email.

  4. Thanks so much for making this great app even better. I’m excited to tell my students their decks can now be published, and it will be so much easier to share them on Edmodo. Fantastic update!

  5. Hi, as a teacher I use Kidblog, which is WordPress based to share work.
    Is it possible to see the presentations from within blogs? When I embed the link code, it just creates a hyperlink to the Haikudeck website,

    • Hi Rich! Hmm….we’ll have to look into this. (Thanks for letting us know.) One temporary workaround would be to use a screenshot from the presentation with a link to the deck. But we’d like to get the full embed functionality working for you.

  6. I was super excited about using Haiku, however I want to use it to present to a large group so I need to present from my computer and the animations don’t work when I present from the website 🙁 only work on ipad.

    • Hi Deiri! It’s true–the presentations do look extra awesome right from the iPad. Have you considered connecting your iPad directly to the projector with an adapter, or using AirPlay?

  7. Actually, I was looking for cool ways to inspire Haiku.

  8. I had some first graders making some informational slides. Some of the pictures that came up really were not appropriate for their age. Is there a way I can screen these pictures?

  9. How do you “animate” the slides so they will move on their own like in the gallery?? I would prefer that to swiping for each slide.

  10. Any chance of exporting decks directly to google presentations?

  11. wondering if I can connect my facebook Page to the deck instead of my personal FB account

    • Hi Desiree,

      That’s a really excellent question. Unfortunately, there’s not currently a way to do that directly from the app. However, you could save your decks to the web, then post from Facebook while acting as your page, and include the deck URL. I’ve added your inquiry to our list of feature requests; thanks for taking the time to ask!

  12. Is there a slide limit when publishing to the Web? I’ve got a 28 slide haiku on my iPad that is only publishing 22 slides (and randomly dropping slides) when I publish. Any ideas?

    • Hi Rick, I’m sorry to hear that your published decks online are missing slides! There shouldn’t be a limit to your deck. The first thing I’d recommend would be to tap the share button for the deck, and unpublish it with the button in the bottom left, then save it to the web again.

      If that doesn’t help, it may help to try a different network to upload the deck with. If you’re still left with an incomplete deck, if you wouldn’t mind clicking the “Support” link at the very bottom of our website (or this page), you can click the link to submit a support request to us from there so we can dive deeper and figure out what’s up. It’d help if you could include a link to the deck that’s missing slides.

      I hope that gets things working but if not, we’re definitely here to help!

  13. I actually copied a deck and then deleted it, but chose not to unpublish it from web accidentally. Now both decks show up in My Gallery on the web, but only one is showing up on the iPad. How can I get the “extra” deck to not show up in My Gallery? Great app, by the way. I’m making a presentation for class this Saturday and pretty excited about it.

    • Hi there, I’m so sorry that we didn’t see your comment until now! If you’d still like to delete the “extra” deck from your account, please drop us a line at and we’ll help you take care of it! -Lisa from Haiku Deck

  14. very desperate student

    January 9, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    My partner and I are doing a Haiku Deck for Science class. She shared it with me but I can’t edit it. Please help

  15. I cant update any of my decks, is there something to do with that?

    • Hi Mimi,

      Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble! Please drop us a note with your account details and specific problems you’re encountering and we’ll do our best to help you right away. support at haikudeck dot com.

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