Advanced Lists

If you’ve already mastered the basics of creating lists in Haiku Deck, it’s time to level up with some power tips!

1. Haiku Deck automatically adjusts the spacing for your list, based on the longest item. The less text you have, and the more uniform your items are in length, the better your lists will look.

2. If you need to reorder your list items, the built-in iPad cut and paste feature will save time. Hold your finger on your text, then choose Select or Select All, then CutCopy, or Paste.

3. Your list title will be centered by default. To choose left alignment, tap the green Layout icon, select your preferred layout, and tap the green DONE button.

Haiku Deck Lists: Adjusting list layout

Haiku Deck for iPad: Choose left alignment or centered

4. If you’re using a solid color background, choose one that coordinates with your theme. In the example below, the dark blue color looks great with the Zissou palette for charts and graphs.

Haiku Deck Lists: Using a solid color background

Haiku Deck for iPad: Match the background to your theme

We’d love to see your Haiku Deck lists! Send your links to