Photo by andrechinn
We totally love showing people Haiku Deck for the first time, and seeing their reactions. They are almost always wowed by the amazing images and beautiful layouts. One thing we hear occasionally, though, is “It’s so cool! But how can I fit all my text on just those two lines?”

Guess what? If you can’t fit your text on two lines, you have too much text.

That’s right. Forget all the times you’ve crammed a document’s worth of ideas onto a single slide using 12-point bullets. That’s way too much for any audience to absorb. (And you’ve been in that audience before too, right?)

In fact, the pros at the 99% headline this awesome infographic, How to Create a Captivating Presentation, with this rule of thumb: One idea per slide, and no more than six words.

It sounds radical, but it can be radically freeing, as well. Try it! And if you need a slide makeover, give us a shout in the comments. We’re here to help set your story free.